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Your key platform for efficient press release distribution. Ideal for agencies, manufacturers, startups, retailers, designers, and architects to amplify their announcements. Get started!

We have developed a simple pricing model in three categories: Small, Medium, Agency. It depends on your needs and your goals. Subscriptions start at 29 euros per month. More information here.

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Introducing Designspotter Newswire, the premier PR ticker catering to the realms of design, architecture, AI, tech, and lifestyle products and projects. Designed as a pivotal platform, Newswire offers agencies, manufacturers, startups, store owners, retailers, designers, and architects the opportunity to disseminate press releases effectively.
As the pioneering PR ticker in these dynamic industries, Designspotter Newswire ensures your press releases gain unparalleled exposure. Not only do we provide a platform for publication, but we also leverage the extensive reach of our social media channels to amplify your news. Through strategic dissemination across our vibrant social platforms, your announcements receive heightened visibility, connecting you with a diverse, global audience.
Seize this opportunity to share your latest innovations, launches, and developments with industry enthusiasts and stakeholders. Designspotter Newswire elevates your brand’s visibility, ensuring that your news resonates across design, architecture, ai, tech, and lifestyle sectors. Join us and experience the impact of Designspotter Newswire in amplifying your voice and expanding your reach across these vibrant industries.