VIP Event @ CONTAIN Gallery Cologne

It’s YOUR turn now: Vote on your favorite design by simply clicking on it and send the winner off to Cologne, because…
... on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 we will party at the German pre-screening of TRON: LEGACY in Cologne. Within the scope of an exclusive top event at the CONTAIN Gallery Cologne on Jan 19th we will exhibit the original prototype of the


:::::: LIGHTCYCLE ::::::

for all you fans out there. The gallery will be open to you the entire day. Not only that: We will also bring the TRON Chair designed exclusively by Capellini to the International Furniture Fair in Cologne.

The absolute first screening of the German version of TRON:LEGACY 3D will take place at the Black Box in the Cinedom at 10p.m. Our invited guests will have the pleasure of attending the private party screening of this extraordinary  visual experience more than one week before the official box office opening and even two days before Michalsky in Berlin :-)

(The screening is reserved exclusively for the winner of the competition and invited guests.)

Watch out for CONTAIN Gallery -selected design editions-.

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