About TRON legacy competition

1982: "Flynn´s" - The young and gifted software engineer Kevin Flynn is relegated to opening a video game arcade, featuring the games that he created for ENCOM. And then something absolutely unexpecting happened – something that influenced whole generations of later-on designers, architects, technicians and developers worldwide...

We all remember "Master Control Program" - an artificial intelligence that can run things "900 to 1200 times better than any human" :-) Long time no see... !

Dec 2010: TRON LEGACY - Finally the waiting has an end!
This december a new TRON adventure will come to US theatres, then in January also in Germany.


That's why we in cooperation with The Walt Disney Studios are looking for your breathtaking, porgressive and innovative design ideas all around the theme of TRON and TRON LEGACY. And now it's your turn, guys...


How did TRON influence your life? What is your favorite key visual of this epoch making movie? How can you transfer this inspiration to your own design?

Show Disney, us and the whole design scene your creativity and just let your mind flow... straight into the future.

This is an interdisciplinary design contest, means each creative discipline is welcome: graphic, industrial, product, automotive, fashion, motion, architecture, photography or arts.

Please send us an email with your sketch, rendering, jpg or video and a short description of your idea including ONE SENTENCE how TRON inspired your life.

tron@designspotter.com / subject: INSPIRED BY TRON

3. DEADLINES / Timetable
Deadline for submissions: December 19, 2010
Presentation of submissions / VOTING on www.designspotter.com: December 20 - 31, 2010 - 12am / CET.

First prize:  The winner of this competition will be voted by our users. (Winner must be over 18 years old).
The submission with the most user votings will win.

The winner will be involved to press and media work by DESIGNSPOTTER all around the film release. She/he will be invited to Cologne (flights & accomondation ) and will get free access to a very special TRON LEGACY event (Jan 19, 2011) as well as free tickets for the imm cologne 2011 (International Furniture Fair).

Public online voting: The jury is YOU!
The winner will be informed by the end of December 2010.

Personal data provided by the participant for the purposes of registration for the competition will not be disclosed to any third party or parties not involved in the competition. The participant agrees that his/her data is stored for the purposes of the competition. The data will only be stored for the purposes and the duration of the competition. The participant retains the right to be informed about the stored data free of charge and if applicable to correct, block or delete said data.

data formats like: jpg, gif, png,( size 434 x 261 px) flv, mpg/mpeg, pdf etc.
resolution: low (max. 150 dpi) - for online use only
Videos can be liked on vimeo, youtube etc. Siize: 436 x 245px.

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