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smart ebike tour cologne 2014

DAY 1 of the smart ebike tour Cologne 2014 - we are thrilled. On April 11, it finally happened: get on your bike and into the city – the design parcour was organized by smart during the KÖLNER LISTE parallel to art cologne and included 4 hotspots :

# Museum of Applied Arts MAKK
# Die Kunstagentin (The Art Agent)
# Droom - design your room
# Skulpturenpark Köln

The radiant sun defies the April weather, slight breeze bleows into our faces when we start the tour in time on in Cologne Mülheim. First you think, you just ride a bike, and then this happens: The smart ebike is not only visually an eye-candy. I admit, it looks very sporty with its white frame and green-gray contrasting accents. But the true sporting character occurs by riding. Barely kicked-off, the drive-mechanism gives you a gentle support up to a strong push (depending on the gradual adjustment of the drive from 1-4). The 250 watt electric motor brings up to 25 km/h.

4 km later we are already arriving the MAKK (Museum for Applied Art Cologne) and do not want to put up; it´s just so much fun to drive. But the Winkler collection with its numerous design classics (originals) makes every designer 's heart beat faster. A short tour through 100 years of design history, and then we move further to the nearby Belgian Quarter.

Where did these 2 km go? As soon as saddled, we are already there: by DIE KUNSTAGENTIN. The agency and exhibition rooms of Anne Scherer are located in a basement shop that has much more to offer than expected at first glance through the waist-high window. The walls are hung with young international artists of the urban art scene, who have established themselves to significant positions in this contemporary art movement. Take a look at your next visit.

Continue to DROOM. They are specialized in customized lampshades and co and went recently out to Cologne Agnesviertel by the Belgian Quarter. Far too close for the ebike - we move so fast, it´s almost disappointing. Where is a route on which we can accelerate? And a pair of hills would be great, too.

No sooner said than done.

Next stop is the SKULPTURENPARK. There we go on a trip along the Rhine. On a straight road you can really kick it and reach speed ranges , which I “Normalo-Pedalo“ not easily achive. Gently hums the bike along the bank of the Rhine road, overtaking is child's play. And all without a sweat! Perfect. In SKULPTURENPARK the bikes must remain outside. But inside there are more than 40 works of national and international artists that are replaced every 2 years or relocated in the new context. Despite the noise around it´s a place of peace and inspiration.

Back to base over the Mühlheimer bridge. We let all grass root bikers behind – thanks to „push 4“ with less muscle power and ullage.

After almost two and a half hours my first tour with the smart ebike is already over. Unfortunately, I have to say. But luckily we're touring again tomorrow. I cannot wait .

Day 2 of the ebike tour through Cologne. On our agenda today

# Design Quartier Ehrenfeld DQE
# artrmx
# Gold + Beton
# Carlsgarten

Today we start with a slightly longer tour of some 8 km from to Cologne Ehrenfeld heading DESIGN QUARTIER EHRENFELD DQE. Again beaming sunshine, little wind - perfect conditions for a bike ride. Our route leads over some hills in Media Park, where we savor the shear completely. Good that the bike has a hydraulic disc brake. For the power transmission of the Carbon timing belt is easy to control on the rear wheel, and makes the brakes after steep inclines smoothly and safely .

The only things that slow us down on the way to DQE, are traffic and pedestrians. Nevertheless, we reach our goal much faster usual. The DQE project is aimed at collecting and concentrating the creative power of a district. It wants to take advantage of the potential offered by designers and other creative people to develop the location and to create new jobs and a forum. This should enable people to provide each other with stimulation by exchanging their ideas.

Continue to artrmx. In 2006 founded, the nonprofit cologne art society artrmx eV dedicates to the popularization of contemporary art and promotes extraordinary and conceptually designed showrooms. In September 2013 CityLeaks Urban Art Festival 's second edition initialized by artrmx turned Cologne into a large stage for contemporary urban art. Already in 2011 CityLeaks pioneered in realizing a whole lot of creative interventions within the Cologne public space.

From Ehrenfeld to our way back to Ebert place (near the Rhine), we inspect the fresh established showroom of GOLD + BETON. The project is a non -commercial platform for young artists from home and abroad alternative. The makers want to promote emerging artists and bring the art scene from tomorrow to Cologne. The respectivement actors not only generated a new room - the young artists, students and graduates promote collaborations, but at the same time create a new network did foster a dialogue in between artists regionally, nationally and internationally.

From there we cycle again: cozy, but quickly over the Rhine bridge to the right bank located Carlswerk. This is the temporarily home of SCHAUSPIEL KÖLN (Cologne Theater). Those in charge of the play have created the CARLsGARTEN that works all the way to the Berlin model of Princess Gardens. The idea for the garden - where the everyday life of a theater merges with the daily life of local people and theatergoers - arose from the absence of greenery. The vision to transform the barren industrial area into a thriving oasis, to create a municipal theater of the city, where life grows and can become self-sufficient at the same time - this vision was realized by the makers of the SCHAUSPIEL KÖLN.

Here ends our tour today. Our resumé after 2 days ebike experience: With no other human-powered means of transportation the following sentence is more fun. The journey is the destination.

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