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Jewelry Design by daab

JEWELRY DESIGN introduces a multi-faceted group of contemporary jewelry designers from all around the world. This book is an extensive presentation of individual designs, whose development and realization has been significantly influenced by today’s digital technology.

Designers can plan and visualize their work in 3D. Stereo lithography and laser cutting then make it possible to produce complex and precise detail, creatively combining different materials. Next to the conventional but valuable noble metal and stone, studios have now opened their doors to materials such as glass, plastic, rubber and organic materials.

Jewelry remains a beautiful and wearable piece of art: self-governed, distanced and sculpture like. At the same time jewelry bears emotions, coined by personal relationships as a symbol for individual connections and values, as a memory or heirloom.

There is hardly another design product that demonstrates as much significance as jewelry. Created for eternity, jewelry easily outlives generations without suffering a loss in value – another distinctive characteristic. Quite the opposite: collectors are craving for vintage pieces with patina, which is increasing in value due to the secret history behind them.

More than anything, jewelry is always a status symbol, allowing distancing and identifying people of different social backgrounds, the exclusivity being the skillfully combined material and shape. Contemporary jewelry designers  ccommodate these complex functions, creating distinctive and beautiful unique items – not only for the people of today, but also for tomorrow’s generation.

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