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Freedom Wall

Subject: Competition of ideas by the US Department of Homeland Security for the design and construction of the border wall to Mexico until 6th of March 2017.

The Berlin based design office WERKSDESIGN presents with the "Freedom Wall" one of the first designs for Donald Trumps border wall. “As people from Berlin we offer in-depth understanding for walls," Managing Director Volker Schumann underscores the competence of his office.

Designer: Volker Schumann (Germany)
Manufacturer: (United States)
Material: concrete, steel
Colours: grey


Werksdesign introduces first smart walking aid with app

The Berlin-based design office Werksdesign has developed a solution as a design concept study, the "e-crutch". This smart walking aid is particularly ergonomic, there are no pressure points and the use is very comfortable thanks to a special patented suspension.
Through its app the innovative device will be particularly efficient and smart. With this data the patient can adjust his use of the walking aid for optimal rehabilitation. The recovery time is shortened, the healing is more successful.

Designer: Eric Hinz, Emese Papp (Germany)
Manufacturer: Study (Germany)
Material: Hight Tech plastics


Design spirits from the back of beyond in Germany

German-based new founded distillery 1113 produces noble spirits and schnapps exclusively hand crafted and required a fundamental design for the company. The solution was delivered by Berlin-based agency Werksdesign with logo, complete corporate design and the luxurious glass bottle. Puristic linear bottle design and the irregularities on the glass surface emphasize the high-quality spirits, which are well known and appreciated in the gourmet cuisine within short time.

Designer: Volker Schumann (Germany)
Manufacturer: distillery 1113 (Germany)





Berlin, Germany


Industrial Design, Design Management, Interior Design


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WERKSDESIGN Supports Brands Through Strategic Product Design.

WERKSDESIGN is a term from German business culture and stands for an internal design department integrated into the factory. Today, this can only be found in a few, very large corporations. WERKSDESIGN is effectively an integrated design department for your business because we see ourselves as an extended workbench for our clients. We work closely with you to develop innovative solutions that focus on your brand values. Just like an integrated department.


German Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, International Excellence Award, World Star Packaging Award, German Packaging Award


Works for Audi, Adidas, Seca, Bewatec, Nivea, Edding, in2aqua, Osram etc.



Volker Schumann
Moeckernstr. 68, Aufgang E
10965 Berlin

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