Budapest, Hungary



Inspired by record industry executives from a bygone era. The VINYLIZE Executive line features the classic vinyl record frame front laminated construction. The temples are matt palladium plated. The acetate temple tips are secured to the temple with a screw and inlayed with a miniature silver vinyl record.

Designer: Zack Tipton (Hungary)
Manufacturer: Tipton (Hungary)
Material: vinyl
Colours: black


Malemaker Urban Travel Bag

I wanted to make a piece of luggage accessible to today’s man. It would be useful to him. Durable and versatile. It would make a statement about him yet not be overbearing. KICKSTARTER

Designer: Zachary Tipton (Hungary)
Manufacturer: Vinylize (Hungary)
Inspired By: Upcycling
Material: Canvas, coffee bags
Colours: olive green, white
Dimension: L:41cm x D:35cm x W:15cm (L:16


7 inch single upcycled into case

Vinylize upcycles vinyl singles into multipurpose cases. We developed technology to sew and form the cases which can be used to store pens, paraphernalia or eyewear. Vinyl records have been produced sine the 50's and reached its peak in the 70's. Production has since steadly decreased until recently. It has been estimated that enough vinyl records have been produced that if stacked end to end you could make a vinyl bridge to the moon. We feel that it is our duty to reduce this vinyl footprint.

Designer: Zachary Tipton (Hungary)
Manufacturer: Vinylize (Hungary)
Inspired By: Unwanted vinyl records
Material: Vinyl
Colours: Black
Price: 29 EUR


Vinylize Eyewear

Vinylize is premium quality optical frames upcycled from unwanted vinyl records. It was found in Budapest by Zachary Tipton in 2002. Over the years he has fallen in love with this material because of its cultural significance, beauty and abundance. The use of old records has given the collection a distinctive look. The frames are big, thick and rugged and the grooves are an integral part of the design. The project serves to remind people to reuse, recycle and conserve.

Designer: Zack Tipton (Hungary)
Manufacturer: Tipton Eyeworks (Hungary)
Inspired By: vinyl records
Material: used vinyl records
Colours: black



Budapest, Hungary






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