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Loughborough, United Kingdom


Nimble, The One Finger Package Opener

A small, simple and delightfully easy to use device that makes opening things as easy as a swipe of the finger. Nimble's design was optimised and thoroughly tested by over 100 enthusiastic volunteers to help ensure it really was up to the job. It was brilliant at opening envelopes and parcels and for cutting sticky tape and wrapping paper too. Nimble has gone from strength to strength; winning the national Design For Life award, selling in 3 continents and being sold on Oxford St in London!

Designer: Simon Lyons (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: People that have trouble with opening packaging around the home, particularly in the kitchen.
Material: Silicone Rubber, ABS, and Zirconia Ceramic.
Colours: Yellow, black and white.
Dimension: 38mm long x 23mm wide x 30mm tall
Price: £8.99 GBP



Loughborough, United Kingdom


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United Kingdom

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