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Buddy chair designed by Cédric Bernard

Buddy is a simple chair. Its visible structure, its soft and familiar silhouette make it an optimistic and comforting object. It will captivate you at the first glance. In your kitchen or in a restaurant, in your living room or in a café, its delightful appearance makes it easy to integrate almost everywhere! Cedric Bernard has designed a chair that reflects his attention to proportions, his eye for minimalism. Buddy Chair. So functional, so versatile!

Designer: Cédric Bernard (France)
Manufacturer: Two.Six - Creative Design (Portugal)


Mr.G designed by Evgeniy Kondratev

The Mr.G armchair designed by Evgeniy Kondratev mixes creativity and craftsmanship superbly. Nature was the inspiration for creating this chair. Graceful tree branches, cutting the blue sky into many small fragments, create a solid construction with clouds in the background. The steel threads form vertical and horizontal lines that give this design a strong graphic profile. Mr G is incredibly cozy and comfortable, you will feel relaxed and embraced.

Designer: Evgeniy Kondratev (Russian Federation)
Manufacturer: Two.Six - Creative Design (Portugal)


Marshmallow designed by Cristiana Macedo

Marshmallow is what you want it to be! Your kids can sit on it, play and roll or lie down and take a nap! Marshmallow easily shifts into new and interesting shapes, making it super versatile! That’s why it deserves its place in every kids room or playroom! Let’s have some fun!

Designer: Cristiana Macedo (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Two.Six - Creative Design (Portugal)
Dimension: Width: 126cm | Depht : 50cm | Height : 14cm


Lilu table designed by Marco Gallegos

Designer Marco Gallegos wanted to create an interchangeable table system with only those elements essential to its function. And then he designed Lilu! The upper part of the legs emerge through the table top surface where they form a triangular pattern that blends together in the center and flows down to the floor. Its minimalist, simple and attractive design, makes it perfect for creating a vibrant atmosphere with an edgy touch in both residential and commercial environments.

Designer: Marco Gallegos (United States)
Manufacturer: Two.Six - Creative Design (Portugal)
Dimension: Width: 80cm | Height: 75cm


Evolution Chair

The Evolution Chair, designed by Polish designers Kosmos Project, arises from the need for an equilibrium between online and offline life in the contemporary world. We continue to appreciate the beauty and harmony of nature, although we don’t reject the technology. This chair is both modern and classic, with a strong retro vibe. Its form combines an organic shape with colored steel as a modern element. Evolution is suitable for domestic and commercial use. Let’s do the evolution!

Designer: Kosmos Project (Poland)
Manufacturer: Two.Six - Creative Design (Portugal)
Inspired By: contemporary life
Material: Ash with Natura finish
Colours: yellow, white, gray, orange, black, pastel blue
Dimension: 49,5x48x80cm


Mandarine Armchair

Mandarine armchair marries retro style with modern accents. Contrasting beautifully with the solid walnut wood frame, the shell is fully upholstered with seams creating a squared pattern. Designed by Claudia & Harry Washington, from El Salvador, Mandarine shows their creative flair and deep consideration for comfort and functional use. The result is an understated yet eye-catching chair. Prepare yourself to fall in love!

Designer: Claudia&Harry Washington (El Salvador)
Manufacturer: Two.Six (Portugal)
Material: walnut wood, fabric
Colours: Orange, Grey, Blue, Light Grey
Dimension: 65x63,5x68,5cm


Cross Rug

Domingos Ferreira continues, inspired by Portuguese tiles, to design rugs that bring a sense of art and style into every interior. Cross Rug is a 3D rug, its name comes from the crosses done in relief. The design offers a dynamic visual effect, you'll be tempted to touch! This high-quality rug is hand-tufted in 100% wool, from Portugal and New Zealand, and it's incredibly comfortable, easy to care for, ages well and holds its color.

Designer: Domingos Ferreira (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Two.Six (Portugal)
Inspired By: Portuguese Traditional Tiles
Material: 100% wool
Colours: Blue, Green, Grey
Dimension: 150x200cm | 170x240cm | 200x300cm


Bubble Pouf

Bubble is a 100% cork pouf for children. But we believe that parents will be jealous! With a simple and compact design, Bubble would make a nice and playful addition to the children’s room. The strap is available in six bright colors, you can match it as you want. Being 100% natural, cork has unique properties: it is light, waterproof, resistant to abrasion and temperature, hypoallergenic and comfortable. Your Bubble is waiting for you!

Designer: Ana Fonseca (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Two.Six (Portugal)
Material: 100% cork
Colours: Strap colors: blue, yellow, green, pink, grey, orange
Dimension: Height: 30cm Diameter: 48cm


Tiles Rug

Tiles Rug is inspired by the Portuguese traditional tiles. This wonderful graphic rug will revitalize your room in an instant and will bring sophisticated elegance to any environment. Domingos Ferreira designed this rug, creating a geometric pattern colored with 4 different colors that gives a sensation of movement.Tiles can be custom made in virtually any size you need. Hand-tufted, made of 100% wool, it is incredibly comfortable, easy to care for, ages well and holds its color.

Designer: Domingos Ferreira (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Inspired By: Portuguese Traditional Tiles
Material: 100% wool
Colours: Yellow, Sky, Brick
Dimension: 150x200cm | 170x240cm | 200x300cm


Bi Silla

Bi Silla is the stylish and comfortable chair you want in a lobby. Thanks to its symmetry can be adapted to different places and draw different figures according to its distribution. Designer Silvia Ceñal didn't want to design another simple chair; she wanted to create a design chair where you feel sheltered by exceptional fabrics in fresh colors and soft cushions. You're invited to sit down.

Designer: Silvia Ceñal (Spain)
Manufacturer: Two.Six (Portugal)
Material: Oak and Fabrics
Colours: Maritime(blue/turquoise),Acid(yellow/green),Autumn(coral/brick orange),Taupe(grey/ mustard)
Dimension: Width 66cm Depht 66cm Height 76cm || Width 26in Depht 26in Height 29,9in



Classic and timeless as a love letter, with simple lines and noble materials, the elegance of Around.U dwells serenely the office, the bedroom or the living room. Irresistibly seductive.

Designer: Cristiana Macedo (Portugal)
Material: Structure-Walnut Wood | Double drawers-Moisture Resistant MDF | Legs-Moisture Resistant MDF
Colours: Your Around.U can be any color you want.
Dimension: Width 55,12in | 140cm Depht 25,6in | 65cm Height 29,53in | 75cm



Swithy is a smooth wooden sculpture that can be used as a stool or a side table.The solid wood, manually crafted, harmoniously coexists with burel, a highly resistant and durable traditional Portuguese fabric made from wool.

Designer: TS Studio (Portugal)
Material: Structure hornbeam wood upholstery burel
Colours: Gray, Merrigold, Red
Dimension: Diameter 14,2in - 36cm | Height 17,7in - 45cm


Ypsy Mini by Cristiana Macedo

YPSY Mini is a stylized piece for a child’s bedroom, a reinterpretation of the traditional ladder. Playful, colorful, freestanding, useful, your child will love to learn how to organize his belongings with YPSY!

Designer: Cristiana Macedo (Portugal)
Inspired By: Traditional ladder
Material: Ladder & Shelf| Moisture resistant MDF; Coat Hanger| Plywood;
Colours: blue, orange, green, grey, magenta, yellow
Dimension: Height:90cm Width: 36cm Depth: 20cm



Strap is a challenge for the common bookcase. It plays with color, shape and possibilities. As it’s modular, it allows you to create your Strap as you need it. The solidity of the structure allows Strap to be used as a self-supporting dividing barrier or even as a shelf in the middle of a room. The straps give it a trendy and versatile look – 3 schemes are possible in stimulating colors! Your kids will love this idea! Strap it!

Designer: TS Studio (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Two.Six (Portugal)
Material: Module| Lacquered Hive Panels, Strap| Polyester
Colours: blue, orange, green, grey, magenta
Dimension: Module| Height: 15,4in width: 30,7in depth: 13,8in



YPSY is a stylized piece for bathroom or bedroom, a reinterpretation of the traditional ladder. Freestanding, modern, engaging, accurately singular! Two.Six Designer Cristiana Macedo was inspired by the traditional ladder to create this incredibly functional piece available in four colors. After find it, you will need it everywhere! Are you YPSY?

Designer: Two.Six by Cristiana Macedo
Material: Ladder/shelf: Lacquered Moisture Resistant MDF. Coat Hanger: Plywood
Colours: Blue, Green, Orange, Grey
Dimension: Height: 62,99in width: 18,1in depth: 13,8in



Chameleon. Versatile. Eclectic. Pinkit is a round side table available in four colors that personalizes the space where it is placed. From the living room to the bedroom or even at the office, Pinkit occupies its place giving an original color point. This is the reason for its name, you have just to Pinkit!

Designer: TS Studio
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Material: Table Top: Lacquered Moisture Resistant MDF. Legs: Lacquered Moisture Resistant MDF
Colours: Blue, Green, Orange, Grey
Dimension: Height: 17,7in width: 19,7in



Braga, Portugal


Design Management, Industrial Design, Interior Design


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Two.Six - Creative Design

Two.Six is a Portuguese furniture design brand. From the dream of a creative couple, a brand was born, where color is highlighted to define the identity of each object. Each design is unique and has a clear voice that manifests itself in a particular approach from the designer to the functionality of the product. We have now 20 design products, signed by 14 designers from 10 different countries. You can expect simple lines, hot colors and clever details.
Two.Six Live, Love, Color it!


Our Pinkit table is shortlisted for International Product Design Awards 2013


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ICFF 2013, ICFF 2014, Biennale Interieur 2014, ICFF 2015, May Design Series 2015, London Design Festival 2016



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