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Bloom is a stool made of moulded plywood. The waved shape of the legs makes it possible to reduce the thickness of the structure to 6 mm. The result is a very light yet sturdy stool, the circular shape of which makes it stackable. Its form is reminiscent of its name “bloom”. The sculptural appearance and elegant proportions of the stool make it suitable for almost every type of interior decoration.

Designer: Aldis Circenis (Latvia)
Manufacturer: RIGA CHAIR (Latvia)
Material: birch, oak, beech, walnut, top birch/frame walnut, top walnut/frame birch, laminate
Colours: birch, oak, beech, walnut, top birch/frame walnut, top walnut/frame birch, laminate
Dimension: D 350/435, H 445
Price: 136.13 EUR



Have you ever wished to break protocol rules and enjoy wine in a very simple way-from the bottle?Glasses are made from used wine bottles and will add unusual flavour to your favourite wine. Your friends and business partners who prefer new and unusual ideas will appreciate them as well. Any party or even a simple dinner will obtain a festive mood either made in the daytime or in a candle light. Pure handmade.

There are 6 glasses of 200ml each in the set.

Designer: BUTELJONS (Latvia)
Manufacturer: BUTELJONS (Latvia)
Material: used wine bottles
Colours: Transparent, green, brown
Price: 91.03 EUR



This is natural and carefully developed shape design object that can be lighted. Unique, natural and carefully formed lighting fixture. It is perfect indoors and outdoors being as a source of light. It is easy to combine it with other design objects and it melts into the nature. It will suit people who prefer being in the nature and bring it in their homes adding something new and unusual to them. It is the thing which will be in the center of attention instantly.

Designer: GUNARS PLATPIRS (Latvia)
Manufacturer: PLATPIRS (Latvia)
Price: 238.61 EUR



A chest of drawers being one of the latest and brightest masterpieces by the excellent Latvian furniture designer Janis Straupe. Independent and rich design also unusual technical approach make the object light and elegant. The chest of drawers combine several aspects-functionalism, creativity and extraordinariness which will be evaluated by design experts. It is an excellent interplay of shapes and parts that makes the furniture unique.

Designer: Janis Straupe (Latvia)
Manufacturer: JANIS STRAUPE (Latvia)
Price: 37,812.50 EUR



We have a desire to accumulate again and again to survive pleasant moments that everything is possible. Now it is possible with Casa Di Vanna. TIVOLI as a whole is a dream, melancholy and romance bath for everyone who feels like that.
Curved lines inside TIVOLI are surrounded by a certain shape on the outside, making the design equally smooth and defined. No doubt that TIVOLI will fit in any compartment.
TIVOLI offers you the plunge-bath in wite color.

Designer: Casa Di Vanna (Latvia)
Manufacturer: Casa Di Vanna (Latvia)
Colours: Various color tones are available by special order.
Price: 2,199.18 EUR



The ultimate virtue of good design is the complete unity of form, function, simplicity and refinement. We believe the the products designed by an&angel will outlive their time and will surprise future generations.

an&angel is a brand of innovative and functional crystal and glassware that has been developed by the Latvian design firm Angel Glass Design, Ltd.

Designer: Artis Nimanis (Latvia)
Manufacturer: An&Angel (Latvia)
Price: 157.30 EUR



CHILLOUT CHAIR brand eradiate freedom, peace and well-being - the products are created with love. The handmade comfortable rocking chair is designer’s Zigurds PENKULE masterpiece. Last, but not the least – it will be a great accent for any interior. Anyone, who looks for comfort and esthetic pleasure, will appreciate CHILLOUT CHAIR.

Designer: Zigurds Penkulis (Latvia)
Manufacturer: Zigurds Penkulis (Latvia)
Material: Wood, dyne rope and a hook
Colours: Available in multiple colors by special order
Price: 625.00 EUR



MOON is an incredibly comfortable, easy to transform and multifunctional sofa made from reprocessed materials - wood and fabric. Fabric is made in patchwork, using different fabrics and putting them together. It is colourful and vital- like rain in spring that washes off dust and makes everything look bright and fresh. Latvian mythology sign-The Moon-symbolizes changeable life, circular movement and feedback. Generations change but nothing stops. Everything continues in a new shape.

Designer: Gatis Jansons (Latvia)
Manufacturer: Gatis Jansons (Latvia)



Riga, Latvia


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