Tetra Soap

Hong Kong, Hong Kong


#tetrasoap A Soap Revolution

Soap – the humble, everyday household product with a history dating back to 2800 BC – may have changed in ingredients, shapes and scents over the past 5000 years, but one feature that’s never been fixed? It’s slippery nature.

TETRA SOAP is here to change that. Slow-made using a cold process production method, each handmade soap is individually cast in a unique Tetrapod-shaped mold which makes it 100% slip-free.
It’s a soap revolution!

Designer: Mike Mak (Hong Kong)
Manufacturer: FURNITURY (Hong Kong)
Inspired By: Tetrapods
Material: Extra Virgin Olive Oil base cold-process soap
Colours: Concrete Grey
Dimension: 76 x 84 x 70 mm
Price: 15 USD



Hong Kong, Hong Kong





Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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