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wooden table lamp MOB WOOD PASTEL

The tendency of pastel lasts in our interiors to create delicacy and softness. For the new WOOD PASTEL range, we have chosen the powdery pink which is timeless and changes the ambiance of a room by its simple presence. With the trend of the scandinavian style, the ice blue has returned in force to bring a wind of freshness in the middle of an interior colored of beige, taupe and raw wood. The pale green is both invigorating and warm to fit with pure colors to create astonishing contrasts.

Designer: C+P Carpentier (France)
Manufacturer: (France)
Material: ash wood, ABS, PET cable
Colours: light pink, ice blue, almond green,
Price: 248,00


Nomadic light AIR

Levitation and transparency, the suspension AIR amazes by its lightness and seems to hover in the air. A remarkable artisanal work associates the mouth blown glass globe with the ash wood base. You can use it wherever you want, for example to frame a headboard of a bed or as a table lamp.

Designer: C+P Carpentier (France)
Manufacturer: swabdesign (France)
Material: ash wood glass, linen
Colours: beige



Come on, to the countryside with thefixie bike SUPER GREEEN. Some Wood,
some grass (the lawn is regularly mowed of course), the saddle made of natural rubber and cotton, and the wooden crate… Let’s go!!

Designer: swabdesign (France)
Manufacturer: (France)
Colours: green



Design and function: these oversized clothes pins PINCE ALORS ! are ideal to hang garments anywhere in your home. These graphic and colorful hooks are the essential touch of originality. Suggested in six trendy colors, they can also be used to pin and hang all kinds of things, inside and out, as they are water resistant.

Designer: swabdesign (France)
Manufacturer: swabdesign (France)
Material: ABS/PC
Colours: white, gray, red, orange, green, blue
Dimension: 78mm x 55mm
Price: 25


MOB by swabdesign

The lamp MOB with its retro-neo touch is inspired of the sixties. Its rectangular headlight is equiped with a low voltage halogen bulb that diffuses direct light, perfect on a desk or a bedside. The lamp will be available in december in seven colours.

Designer: swabdesign (France)
Manufacturer: swabdesign (France)
Material: aluminium polycarbonate
Colours: black, white, grey, red, green, blue, purple
Price: 198


vintage bike swabdesign

The «vintage bike», has for its peculiarity a frame of 1978, which did not take a wrinkle, but also and above all a special light that allows to reconcile legal obligations and design. Combining elements of the past with modern accessories creates a one of a kind bike.

Designer: swabdesign (France)



Bordeaux, France


Industrial Design, Exhibition Design, Design Management


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What's SWAB?

Swab comes from german. In fact it is written swabian and designates the southwestern region of Germany where Carolin - one of the creators - comes from. Being a Swabian is first and foremost to be proud of this region where many renowned companies like Hugo Boss, Mercedes Benz and Porsche are located. Apart from these world-famous names, being Swabian also means being frugal. When we speak Swabian, we have a very special accent, which the other Germans have a hard time understanding.. Yesterday ashamed, the Swabians accept their difference today and say with humor: the Swabians know how to do everything, except to speak German without an accent. And yes, the Swabians have the reputation of being economical at the edge of being stingy , but another reputation makes almost forget all this: the Swabian is hardworking, imaginative and extremely tenacious. Therefore the saying: "schaffe, schaffe Häusle baue!" Which means work hard, work strong in order to build a house. And that is how they got the motto for their label: to create functional and useful objects without ever forgetting the playful and funny side of it.




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Carolin Carpentier
33200 Bordeaux

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