Minsk, Belarus



Metal bench. A bit irony and color to the cities landscape.

Designer: I.Solovyov, D.Tropashko (Belarus)
Dimension: 460x80x1630


Bird house

Bird house made for Minsk design week 2016. Zybitskaya str. Design and Design international Award. Paris.

Designer: Igor Solovyov, Denis Tropashko (Belarus)


Bird house

Artistic Bird house. Made for 2016 Minsk Design Week event.

Designer: I.Solovyov, D.Tropashko, A.Shipilov, D.Beliakovich (Belarus)
Manufacturer: (Belarus)
Inspired By: egg shape
Material: plywood
Colours: natural
Dimension: 203x270x172



Moon is an armchair with ottoman. The storage room is under the seat.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: moon outline
Material: bent wood and textile


Martini and Whiskey

MW. Martini & Whiskey or Men and Woman glasses. You just need to turn it upside down. Funny and functional tableware. It is ideal for the party or as present for a couple.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)



Satellite is a Bluetooth speaker.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)



Bionic is the conceptual organic shape armchair designed by Igor Solovyov. It was challenging experiment to make the initial idea of biomorphic concept reality. It started from a clean sheet of paper and inspired by both: natural structural forms and fluid organic shapes. The surface is flowing seamlessly and form the complex and elegance outline.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)



Glass furniture collection. Designed for Simplicity.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)



Swirl lamp is made of bended alder veneer elements which are fixed in a circle and remind swirl movement. To emphasize this effect inner sides of woods elements are pained.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: swirl
Material: alder veneer
Colours: customized


Muscle watch

Muscle is a concept wrist watch in silicone body.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: human
Material: silicone



Tetris is an idea of urban furniture. The set of standard shape elements are made of scraps of marble. After it they may be fixed with glue in any combination suitable the urban landscape.
Designed for Simplicity Company.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: combinatorics
Material: marble scraps



Pendant lamp.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)



Branches is a glass tableware collection (Water jar, soup bowl, salad bowl, mug, cup and glass). Designed by Igor Solovyov in Simplicity Urban Solutions Ltd. design studio.

Designer: Branches (Belarus)
Inspired By: wood branches
Material: glass



Spine chair is inspired by natural and bionic forms. The play of light and shadows on the sophisticated forms make it very character and recognizable.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: nature



Idea of “Inversion” light is to turn the lampshade inside out. Bell shaped transparent form meets parallelepiped and the new life is born. You may see tender and rigidity, smoothness and structural, dynamic and static being in harmony like the unity of opposites here.

Designer: Igor Solovyov and Maria Solovyova (Belarus)



Deco Street LED lamp is made of steel and cast aluminum. It is designed for Simplicity Urban Solutions Ltd. (Hong Kong).

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: decoration patterns
Material: aluminum, steel
Dimension: 3000 mm


wooden watches

This product is made of natural material such as wood. It is both cozy and fashionable. The belt may be made of different materials and different colors.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: wood
Colours: different


Axis light collection

Axis is a light collection developed for Simplicity Company. Desk lamp consists of semitransparent body with LED inside. There is also pendant lamp for indoor usage and outdoor variants.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: axis


Cushion Chair

Stackable chair made of metal rod.Indoor and outdoor useage. Ideal for outdoor caffees and bistros. Conceptual project 2012.

Designer: Igor Solovyov and Maria Solovyova (Belarus)
Inspired By: cushion


Apple II

Apple II rattan furniture collection. The frame is made of aluminum tubes and thin aluminum wire. Using this material allow to do very light but rigid and reliable structure. Stackable outlines of the main pieces of the collection economize room during transportation.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Manufacturer: simplicity (China)
Material: PE Rattan
Colours: different


Bag Pack

Tequila pack may be used as a bag. Metal body with laser cut agava bush outline. Designed for ProductoPOP USA.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: agava bush


Agava bush

Cardboard tequila pack. Designed for ProductoPOP USA.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: Agava bush
Material: cardboard


Baileys candlesick

Baileys packaging. Designed for ProductoPOP USA. The package turns to candlestick and helps you to create romantic atmosphere.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)


Absolut Surprise

Gift Pack for Absolut brand. Designed for ProductoPOP USA.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: Christmas


Johnnie Walker plastic pack

Red Label Johnnie Walker plastic pack for ProductoPOP USA company.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)


Arrow Pet Opener

It is making easier the process of PET bottles opening (sometimes it is really hard). And at the same time it shows the direction of opening (in case you forgot).

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Manufacturer: Not produced
Colours: any



Insight Energy Efficient Lamp.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: moment of insight


Stack bench

Stack is an urban bench made of bended and colored tubes.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Manufacturer: Simplicity
Colours: different



Sunball is a desk clock with crystal elements in metal case. Designed for Atelier Crone. Non realized project.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: sun



Urban lighting project. made of cast aluminum and presented in high and short variants.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Manufacturer: Simplicity (China)
Inspired By: drop of water
Material: cast alumunum



Desk watch of premium class made of transparent and black crystal. Developed for Atelier Crone. Not in production

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Material: crystal



Apple furniture collection. Consists of armchair, sofa and coffee table. Developed for Simplicity company in 2010.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Manufacturer: Simplicity (China)
Material: PE rattan


Orca chair

Orca chair. Made of two weldeed plastic parts. Different colors available.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: Orcinus orca



Arc small table.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Manufacturer: concept project



Bendwood chest of drawers. Concept project, designed in 2010.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Manufacturer: concept project
Inspired By: water surface
Material: plywood



The USA outline transformed into urban seat. It is made of aluminum profile and wood.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: world map
Material: wood and aluminum profile



Melbourne Collection includes seats, benches with arms, bins, flower pots, bicycle racks and bollard.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Manufacturer: Simplicity (China)
Inspired By: inspired by parallel and curve shapes of bright lights streets in a modern city
Material: aluminium and pine or ash wood in 4 colors
Dimension: 2230 x 352 x 380


nestling box

The wine pack has double function which allow use it for the good of nature when you do not need it anymore.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Inspired By: nature
Material: wood


Tangle light

It is made of Plexiglas. Delicate cut of the lamp creates the flourish shade on the wall and make you feel in natural environment.

Designer: Maria and Igor Solovyovs (Belarus)
Manufacturer: (Belarus)



Arm chair made of two welded sheet of plastic. The sitting has a rough cut crystal form.

Designer: Igor Solovyov (Belarus)



Non permanent, self-gumming watch “timeflex” designed for using in situations when individual time control is necessary, but personal watch is difficult to access (swimming, sunbathing, working in laboratory, during going in for sports) & other situations where man uses working clothe. You can just stick it on your clothe or skin and use until you need.

Designer: Maria and Igor Solovyov (Belarus)
Manufacturer: not in production



Minsk, Belarus


Industrial Design





Industrial design, product design, conceptual design, art design





Igor Solovyov
220114 Minsk

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