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Wolkite University Ethopia

The conceptual master plan design for Wolkite university began by understanding the regional, local and university level opportunities that not only can make a great campus but also create leverage in the development of the whole region.

In Partnership with "Bet Architects"

Designer: Söhne & Partner (Austria)
Manufacturer: Wolkite University Ethopia (Ethiopia)


Tax Consultancy Office

Often, the most exciting thing to see when entering a tax consultancy office it the latest edition of a law book. For one renowned tax consultancy office these days are over: it transforms its reception into a welcoming, comfortable lobby.

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)
Material: wood
Colours: caramel-beige


Am Platz - Klosterneuburg

The site as well as one already existing building is located in a top location, right in the city center of Klosterneuburg. The building facing the street will be redeveloped in the course of the project; two other building blocks will be designed from the beginning and built new.

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)


Morphing Graceland

The design for the luxorious villa near lake Neusiedl is not only named after the world-famous home of rock’n’roll star Elvis, its style is also based on the imposing building in Memphis. The front façade of the house is a postmodern plagiarism, which is morphed into a modern villa towards the garden- and yard-side of the building. In cooperation with Best(un)Built.

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)


Seebad Breitenbrunn

The design for the „Masterplan Seebad Breitenbrunn“ was created in collaboration with ‘Best(un)Built’ and ‘Alles ist Landschaft’ within an EU-wide open competition call. Even though we didn’t win we are happy about a nomination among the top 5 of a total of 50 participants.

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)


Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien / Cafe & Bistro

The focus of the Cafes at the Kunsthistorisches Museum is set in the center of the dome hall. To emphasize the outstanding center of the place and its characteristic setting, the whole design is oriented on the centerpiece. By arranging the furniture in the room a certain way, easy and direct access to the center and an excellent view down into the arrival hall and the restaurant is ensured.

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)


Hybrid Building

This case study design for a theatre building in Vienna is a combination of a modern musical hall, a hotel and a boarding house for students. The hybrid building consists of nine floors and a total floor area of 49.000m².

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)


Slide Tower Millstatt

Built in 1913, the diving board and slide tower at Millstätter-lake in Carinthia still exists today - under monument protection. Now there is a project to “redesign the promenade and the open air bathing park” which offers the restoration of the diving board and slide tower.

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)


Parking Level M.

The architecture of this design addresses the tree house with all its well known features we remember from childhood and includes this basic idea with the features of a luxury, modern garage. Especially the situation of the construction site invites us to an imaginative staging.

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)


The Room Sofiensäle

The Room is café, bar, restaurant and club in one location. The day design offers bright colors and a cozy feel-good atmosphere for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee or tea, whilst the central bar area bribes the visitors at night with different lightning moods and fancy cocktails.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)
Material: natural woods, concrete, sisal


Wien Energie / a new world of experience in Spittelau

Wien Energie is known as an open, flexible, ecological and customer-oriented company. All these attributes are also included in the design. In cooperation with architect Handsur.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)


Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

To include the building complex very naturally into the environment, it is placed on different landscape levels. The use of typical colours and patterns does not only help to fit the complex into the natural landscape, it also refers to the already existing UPC building.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)


Baltic Beach Hotel

Baltic Beach Hotel / S&P architects

The hotel contains of an already existing and a new building – both are designed to be in a constant dialogue without being dependent from each other.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)


Ethiopian Insurance Corporation

The competition entry with our local partners in Addis Ababa, BET architects, was rewarded with formal approval.

Conceptually speaking – with structural metaphoric relationship – the Insurance Company embracing life and property of its customers is depicted as embracing nature by placing the tower and the podium in a natural landscape.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)



The first LOVE F CAFÉ is placed at the formerly most exclusive and prominent corner in Vienna – the “SIRK-corner”.
Does it seem more adapted and “Viennese” on the outside it becomes clear at entering the Café that it is not a typical local coffee house.
A large, elliptical arranged screening wall summarizes the space. By its extraordinary shape the wall provides an international flair and suggests that this is the embodiment of a television channel.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)


Club Passage

The bold idea to revive a former pedestrian underpass which was lined by abandoned shops and once connected Babenberger Straße and Burggarten was rewarded by a venturesome client who was seeking an extraordinary place for a new club. From street level, only four descending glass staircases are visible. Three of them were recycled into lighting sculptures featuring large opaque light cylinders.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)


Inside Fashion Store

It was the designer's intention to create a restrained and straight room in order to make it an eye-catcher for the Neubaugasse in Vienna. Thus, people who are passing by should be guided into the store. The colour turquoise directs the customers through the shop while the interior is mainly white and sober in order to present the fashion at the best. Big mirror surfaces make the room seemingly bigger.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)


Red Room

Influenced by the 1968 science-fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey, a classic co-written and directed by Stanley Kubrick, the interior radiates an air of calmness enhanced by a sense of sheer lightness. Söhne & Partner clad nearly all surfaces of the club in velvet to add character to the interior design.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)


United Bank Building

The United Bank Building is represented in units coming together in to a single entity. These units are the shares that make up the bank. The shares are the people that came together to make this bank a reality. Finally these units cluster into capsules which then recollect to a single entity expressing unity of units.
In Cooperation with BET architects.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)


Ethiopian Airlines Headquarter

The sun shading for the grand lobby is done by symbolizing trees, made out of timber. The office blocks are located around it. This is the place where people meet for business, chat, eat, relax, and walk. The combination of extending the blocks and the possibility of building new block gives a maximum flexibility for future expansion. Landscaping is coming into the building. A very strong connection between the inside and the outside is the result.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)


Hotel Caldor

The curtain wall is on hand the protection against weathering for the cross point. On the other hand it also gives shade and shelter. The perforation of the façade panels plays with the logo of the Hotel, abstract its. Interesting spaces inside / outside are created which emphasizes the communication between them. Low building cost where the basis for moderate fees for the rooms.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)



A special element of the building is the 1913 built and still existing sun garden. Rather than putting it down because of his ongoing decrepitude we decided to keep and rehabilitate it. By opening the portals to ceiling-high windows, the sun garden now connects not only inner- and outer-space but also the different levels of the building.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)



The centerpiece of our design is a white sculpture which includes main functions like the stage for live music, the DJ Pult, two bars and a lounge area in the back. In order to guarantee a perfect view to the stage also from behind they are adjusted on three steps. We connected the dance floor quite in front of the stage which is another eye catcher for the people sitting around. Furthermore due to this position the dining area achieves more intimacy without being excluded from the action.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)


Comida y Luz & Comida y Pan

The cafeteria and the restaurant are set in the “Executive Building”, which was designed by the Spanish architects NO.MAD.
Challenges were the concrete surfaces, the high-ranking guest room in combination with the low room of the bar area.
It’s the acoustic panels whose tetris-like arrangement is formally inspired by the design of the outside As in the public spaces of the building, we also used mirrors to blur the boundaries between inside and outside, room and illusion.

Designer: Söhne&Partner architects (Austria)





Vienna, Austria


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architecture as unique as our clients

A building must always engage in a dialogue with its surroundings and the people who use it. Our architecture is always tailored to the needs of the people who live, work or spend their leisure time in our buildings. We also pay attention to our buildings surroundings, and use them as a source of inspiration. Because the brief, site and client are never the same twice over, every project is unique and so are our solutions.



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