SMOOL by Robert Bronwasser

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Pillow Acoustic Furniture for Cascando

soft and colourfull wall furniture that offers decoration and functionality to office or home.

Designer: Robert Bronwasser (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)


Homedia concept by Robert Bronwasser

The Homedia concept by Robert Bronwasser redefines the definition of ‘television’, crossing its technical functions with its future role in the home decor. The machine is dressed in fabric in order to give it a natural position within the larger interior design. Television becomes personal, earning the role of a high quality shape shifter adding intimacy and identity to any room.

Designer: Robert Bronwasser (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: prototype (Netherlands)
Material: aluminium, plastic, fabric
Dimension: w 110, h 90, d 30


Spring watering can

Robert Bronwasser designed the cheerful and colourful watering can called ‘Spring’ for Dutch design brand Goods. This affordable watering can has a reservoir with a capacity of more than two litres of water and two openings: a wide spout for filling the can and a narrow spout for watering plants. The slim neck serves as a handle while watering. The matte surface gives the watering can an attractive and soft look.

Designer: Robert Bronwasser (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Goods (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Nature, functionality and simplicity
Material: HDPE
Colours: water blue, sun yellow, earth grey and leave green
Dimension: 16x16x34 cm
Price: 16


Ceramic People

During the Salone del Mobile in Milan, designer Robert Bronwasser presented the new design collection for Royal Goedewaagen. The collection includes Ceramic People, three function interior characters.

Designer: Robert Bronwasser (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Royal Goedewaagen (Netherlands)


Tuliptile by Robert Bronwasser

Ceramic vase for tulips, made out of two 'tiles'.

Designer: Robert Bronwasser (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Royal Goedewaagen (Netherlands)


Ceramic People SMOOL by Robert Bronwasser

During the Salone di Mobile in Milan SMOOL presents new designs by Robert Bronwasser for Royal Goedewaagen, a dutch ceramics factory with a history of almost 400 years.

Designer: SMOOL by Robert Bronwasser (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Royal Goedewaagen (Netherlands)


SMOOL in Milano Zona Tortona

The capricious form is made of a very strongly, super-light material. There can be stored wine bottles, but also most champagne bottles will fit. There are many ways to pile up the Grape and can be made to a beautiful ‘wall’. SMOOL by Robert Bronwasser Via Voghera 11b | Zona Tortona | Milano

Designer: Robert Bronwasser Made in the Netherlands


3 New concepts by SMOOL

What's the connection between a mobile telephone, shoes and a wristwatch? They're all products that have been taken in hand by Robert Bronwasser of SMOOL design studio. Bronwasser has redesigned a number of products in his own style so as to project his own design vision and inspire both businesses and consumers. The result is a series of recognisable and striking designs for everyday products.

*Mobile The most striking thing about the SMOOL mobile phone is its simplicity. Bronwasser says: A lot of telephones are black and very technical. In my opinion a telephone can be less complex. The rubber back can be easily replaced with different colours and gives a better grip on the telephone.

*Shoes Bronwasser has translated his liking for shoes into a combination of a classic loafer with modern features borrowed from sports shoes. The design is included in the exhibition 'Design anno nuÂ’ at the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum in Waalwijk, to be seen until 10 October 2006.

*Wristwatch The SMOOL wristwatch makes use of a colourful display that clicks into a rubber wristband. Bronwasser says: The display can easily be adapted with various themes or your own photos, so that your wristwatch becomes very personal. This goes without saying in mobile telephones, so why not in a wristwatch?




Amsterdam, Netherlands


Industrial Design




SMOOL is a dutch designstudio directed by Robert Bronwasser


Faculty of Industrial Design, TU Delft, The Netherlands (1992 - cum laude)


Various awards including Red Dot, IF, Dutch Design Selection, Dutch GIO


Salone di Mobile 2005, 2008, 2009
100% Design Rotterdam 2005, 2006, 2007




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