exeter, United Kingdom


george II

The george II home desk was a commission for two london based client’s. It was inspired by their attraction to another similar piece - along with an interest in making a unique and custom addition to their home. It features a soft open/close, pull out desk system. Housed in which is drawer space, pigeon holes and writing/typing surface.

English Oak, Stainless Brushed Steel, White and Coloured detail. h:900, w:1200, d:380.

Designer: rob davies (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: thoughtwood (United Kingdom)
Material: Oak, Brushed Stainless Steel
Colours: White, Yellow, Blue, Orange
Dimension: h:900, w:1200, d:380.
Price: £2399


thoughtwood tower

the thoughtwood tower is a bespoke design for a London based client looking for something unique and usable. Each compartment is customized to an individual piece of entertainment apparatus. The top houses a single record deck.

Designer: Rob Davies (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: thoughtwood (United Kingdom)
Material: etimo
Colours: yellow
Dimension: 1400 x 500 x 500
Price: £3499


thoughtwood office desk

the desk was commissioned by a private client not far from my home in Devon. His home is a large, renovated, ex-horse guards structure - full of original features and clean oak beams. He was adamant for a piece that stood out, though still in keeping and usable.

Designer: rob davies (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: thoughtwood (United States)
Material: English Oak
Colours: Beaujolais
Dimension: 1220mm x 600mm x 770mm
Price: £900


beyonce chair

Its design was primarily conceived having previously explored forms created using the simple repetition and binding of just one shape.Due to its diversity in any client specification, ease of reproduction and durability, the thoughtwood chair is able to find a comfortable home in countless environments from dining rooms to public gardens.

Designer: rob davies (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: rob davies (United Kingdom)
Material: birch and zebrano
Dimension: standard dining chair
Price: £545.00


coffe one

The thoughtwood coffee table has been designed and made for a client’s contemporary residence located in a busy city centre. He wished for the piece to reflect the style and locality of his home whilst additionally offering a natural, organic element. The grain figuration in the Black Walnut provided the coffee table with this pure element, where its sharp shapes, formation and core of bold colour hint at its urban surroundings.

Designer: rob davies (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: rob davies (United Kingdom)
Material: american black walnut
Colours: blue
Dimension: Footprint: L 1200. W 500. H 250.
Price: £900.00



exeter, United Kingdom





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