Ronald Knol

Utrecht, Netherlands


Coffee table Ekko

Coffee table Ekko has an almost animalesque appearance with its curved legs on the side.
As if it could walk straight out of the room. As if it was frozen in motion.
To emphasize the bestial character of the design, the ultimate version of the Ekko is made of an elegant leather.

I added a version in walnut as well. Same design, different feel.

Designer: ronald knol (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: RKNL (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Gecko
Material: Leather / Walnut
Colours: Brown
Dimension: 135 x 80 cm
Price: 1.580+


BoBo side table

The design for this unconventional side table was inspired by the African Baobab tree. 
This tree with its wide trunk and fragile branches defies all laws of correct proportions, which makes it one of a kind in nature.
There are two standard versions of the BoBo: burned oak with brushed brass and solid oak with white steel. 
The black version is colored using the Shou-sugi-ban technique, an ancient Japanese technique in which wood is burned to form a natural protection. 

Designer: Ronald Knol (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: RKNL (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Baobab
Material: Oak / Brass
Colours: black / brass
Dimension: 57cm
Price: 495



The base of this solid wooden coffee table cuts like a ribbon through the oak top. The rounded bottom of the tabletop is continued in the drawers, so that they optically form one single volume.

Special version is the Ruban coffee table that is finished using the Japanese Shou-sugi-ban burning technique. By burning and brushing the oak, the grain of the oak becomes much deeper. After burning, the coffee table lacquered to prevent release of the charcoal.

Designer: Ronald Knol (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: RKNL (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Shou-sugi-ban
Material: brushed brass / burned oak
Colours: black / brass
Dimension: 130 x 65cm
Price: 1590


Dining Table ONE

One is a dining table with two faces. The short side of this solid oak table has a rough, almost cut off shape, whilst the long side has a soft silhouette.
This duality is emphasized by the material (massive oak); the grain of the wood goes into 1 direction throughout the whole table, so that it looks like the table is made out of 1 piece. 

Designer: Ronald Knol (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: RKNL (Netherlands)
Material: Oak
Colours: Natural & Smoke
Dimension: 195 x 95cm



Utrecht, Netherlands






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