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Para_Set letter case

Para_set is a one-of-a-kind letter case. The sinuously curved object consists of two corresponding pieces each relating to the other’s shape.
The wave-like design smoothly emerges from the wall and like a parasite becomes part of the existing environment. The object can thus seamlessly be integrated into any interior without seeming intrusive.

Designer: Manuel Kretzer (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: responsive design studio (Switzerland)
Material: Plywood
Dimension: 95cm in width and 80cm in height
Price: Price available on demand.


Cube Light

The design of this lamp is inspired by patterns found in nature, such as in the fur of certain animals or the tissue and leaves of plants. However, to not overstress the lamp’s organic appearance, the overall shape is designed as a simple box, providing clarity and lightness.

Designer: Manuel Kretzer (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: responsive design studio (Switzerland)
Material: Plywood
Dimension: 27 cm wide and 21 cm high
Price: Price available on demand.



Oooglow is a parametrically designed lampshade made from phosphorescent polyester resin. The lamp is equipped with a white LED light which doesn't heat up the plastic but sufficiently charges the luminescent pigments. Once the light is turned off the lamp emits a greenish glow over a period of several hours.

Designer: Manuel Kretzer (Switzerland)
Material: Polyester Resin enhanced with phosphorescent pigments
Colours: white (green)


Exhibition Design for Architectural Particles

In keeping with the Architectural Particles theme, the exhibition’s architecture consists of a modular system of tetrahedrons and octahedrons.
Responsive Design Studio developed and realized the exhibiton design for "Architecture Particles" in collaboration with Studyo Architects, Grossgestalten (graphics), MAKK and with kind support by Bayer Material Science and Ligaproduction.
Fotos: © Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln: Marion Mennicken, Details

Designer: Hans Sachs (Germany)
Manufacturer: Ligaproduction GmbH (Germany)
Material: Vivak by Bayer Material Science
Colours: white glossy
Dimension: basic triangle with 536 mm edge length



x_shelf is a generatively designed bookshelf, made entirely from CNC-milled Alucobond boards, that were folded into modules to form a self-supporting system.

Designer: responsive design studio (Switzerland)
Material: alucobond
Colours: blue, red, yellow
Dimension: 140cm x 160cm


Actuated Matter

The Actuated Matter Workshop took place at Zurich University of the Arts from July 25. - 29. 2011 and was co-run with London based Loop.pH design studio. During the workshop the twenty international participants developed a speculative model for membrane structures that exhibit properties of sensitivity, resilience, and decay.

Designer: Emotive Environments (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: (Switzerland)
Material: EL screens, EAP membranes, Flat sound panels



The elegant sinuous design is based on the distinctive material properties of acrylic stone combined with advanced digital fabrication techniques. The CNC cut flat pieces of 12mm “HI-MACS” are vacuum formed on 3-axis milled MDF molds and then seamlessly glue-joint to form a single monolithic shell. The wings on each side appear to hardly touch the ground and emphasize the floating appearance. They also enable the user to gently rock back and forth while relaxing on the smooth surface.

Designer: Kretzer Manuel, Bernhard Mathias (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Kläusler Acrylstein AG (Switzerland)
Material: Hi-Macs solid surface acrylic stone
Colours: black, red, white
Dimension: size 165 x 65 x 60 cm / weight 23 kg
Price: price available on demand. email to



Durian is a 3D-folded bowl on the principal folding techniques by Ron Resch, "a visionary mathematician and designer who was one of first to explore the architectural potential of 3D tessellated structures in the 1960’s and 70’s" (arkinetblog). The bowl is made of Dibond, an aluminium composite material by 3A Composites. Due to the folding technique and the material composition the bowl has a minimum weight but maxiumum stiffness

Designer: Responsive Design Studio (Germany)
Inspired By: Ron Resch
Material: DiBond
Colours: white
Dimension: 200 x 200 to 500 x 500 mm
Price: 42 + 6 shipping (Europe)


Kids Bench

This multifunctional toy furniture consista of only four parts that can be assembled in three ways to form different seatings. A horizontal and an angular bench, such as a canvas chair are the main composition possibilities. Still the object offers various more ways of sitting, lying and playing with it and challenges the creativity of the kids who use it.

Designer: Manuel Kretzer, Christine Baumgartner (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)
Material: wood, honeycomb cardboard



ShapeShift is an experiment in future possibilities of architectural materialization. This project explores the potential application of electro-active polymer (EAP) at an architectural scale. EAP offers a new relationship to space built through its unique combination of qualities. It is an ultra-lightweight, flexible material with the ability to change shape without the need for mechanical actuators.

Designer: Kretzer,Rossi,Augustynowicz,Georgakopoulou,Sixt (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: (Switzerland)
Material: Electro Active Polymer


Chick 'n' Egg Chair

Chick ‘n‘ Egg Chair is a lightweight seating furniture made entirely from corrugated cardboard. It was designed and developed at the Chair of CAAD, ETH Zürich.
The form was parametrically 3D modelled. This setup allows the piece to be rescaled to any desired size, resolution and material strength.
This very simple and rulebased design makes the chair a beautiful and affordable piece of furniture that is sustainable and unique in it's appearance.

Designer: Manuel Kretzer
Material: corrugated cardboard
Dimension: L 53cm (84cm) x W 42cm (68cm) x H 50cm (85cm)
Price: 2x small or 1x large 160





Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design




The focus of the office is rooted in design research and a commitment to exploring opportunities in creating responsive, adaptive and adapted physical space. We have a special interest in alternative solutions for vivid architectural geometries that interact with its user in the process of creation but also in its built shape, materialization, surface and visual behavior. A special focus lies on moving, dynamic structures but also on generative, parametric building and design.




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