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Budapest, Hungary


Supermundane X Pikkpack flat-packed slip-on shoes

Pikkpack has released a special edition of its flat-packed leather shoe, in collaboration with Supermundane, London-based graphic artist. The exclusive release has the same ethics and form as the original Pikkpack shoe, but the upper of the footwear now acts as a canvas that captures Supermundane’s geometric artwork. Each pair of this special edition is screen printed by hand, in Pikkpack's studio resulting in a 100% artisan piece of art.

Designer: Sara Gulyas (Hungary)
Manufacturer: Deszan Kft (Hungary)
Material: leather
Colours: blue, black, yellow
Price: 150 USD


PIKKPACK - Shoes You Assemble Yourself

Pikkpack is an easy style flat-packed shoe made of high quality 100% leather upper and sole. The shoes are cut from only one piece of leather and the soles are sewn by hand. Pikkpack can be assembled by the customer with different colored cotton laces.
By shipping these lightweight flat-packed shoes in small packages, the shoes not only encourage participation in the manufacturing process, but also conserve materials and decrease shipping costs.

Designer: Sara Gulyas (Hungary)
Manufacturer: (Hungary)
Inspired By: An old Hungarian shoe called: Bocskor (Botch-core) one-piece leather shoe
Material: leather, cotton shoelace
Colours: black-brown leather, 5 colors for the shoelaces
Dimension: 27cmx10cmx7cm
Price: 110USD



Budapest, Hungary






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