Vienna, Austria


Villarceau Table

The design of the Villarceau Table is based on a geometric characteristic discovered by the French astronomer Yvon Villarceau. Main concept is to design a shape by using a mathematical achievement in order to explore a design concept based on the aesthetic dimensions of scientific knowledge.

Designer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Manufacturer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Inspired By: Yvon Villarceau
Material: steel, glass
Colours: powder coating with chrome effect
Dimension: 140 cm x 140 cm x 46 cm
Price: on request


Canvas Tables

The concept of the Canvas Tables by Austrian Designer Philipp Aduatz is to combine experimental furniture with a traditional oil painting technique. The idea is to use the top surface of a unique table as a canvas for an artwork.

Designer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Manufacturer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Inspired By: Experimental Design, Paintings
Material: Different resins, Fiberglass, oil paint, steel, clear coating
Colours: blue, grey, green, beige
Dimension: 90 x 120 x 43 cm, 76 x 90 x 43 cm, 40cm Diameter and 43cm height
Price: on request


Reversed Process Furniture

With the concept of the Reversed Process Furniture Philipp Aduatz is trying to rethink and reinvent his process of designing objects by flipping the order of the design stages. His aim is to create objects with a distinct sculptural character by using an experimental approach on the design process.

Designer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Manufacturer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Inspired By: Design Process
Material: wood, metal, polystyrene-foam, papier mâché, resin, lacquer
Colours: pastel colors
Dimension: Chair: 55 x 50 x 80 cm, Stool: 35 x 34 x 36 cm, Table: 60 x 65 x 47 cm, Lamp: 35 x 21 x 125 cm
Price: on request


Fauteuil II

The Fauteuil II combines a sculptural and opulent shape with a load bearing system of cell-like appearance in a usable object that is inspired by the classical armchair. Natural structures, such as bones, are ingeniously optimized load bearing systems which have a low density at a maximum load capacity. The Fauteuil II is a limited edition of 12 pieces. photo:2012 ©

Designer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Manufacturer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Material: GFRP, car paint finish
Colours: silver, pearl, black
Dimension: 92 × 120 × 95 cm
Price: price on application


Melting Chair

Philipp Aduatz´ intention in the design of the Melting Chair is to capture a transient transformation within a sculptural object. The Melting Chair, which is suitable for use, is carefully crafted to appear to the viewer either as a solid chair melting away or as a solidification of a liquid melt. The Melting Chair comes in a limited edition of 12 pieces.

Designer: PHILIPP ADUATZ (Austria)
Manufacturer: Philipp Aduatz (Austria)
Inspired By: Liquid melt
Material: Fibergalss, silver coating
Colours: silver
Dimension: 95 × 93 × 78 cm
Price: price on application



Vienna, Austria




Vienna based Designer Philipp Aduatz creates limited edition functional objects that are highly sculptural in nature. Working with innovative materials and fabrication technologies, Aduatz is very much influenced by scientific matters such as chemistry, physics and material technologies. His process combines traditional craft concepts and techniques with cutting edge implements such as 3D laser scanning, CNC milling, and Rapid Prototyping. Greatly influenced by sculptors such as Constantin Brancusi and Tony Cragg, the designer aims to develop a new language of form in each of his pieces, encouraging a new discourse between the object and its user or viewer.




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