Napp Studio

Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Liud - a ring that secretly touches you and me

Liud is a textural memory, a ring from inside by Napp Studio. It turns the ring inside-out. Rather than showing off, it ‘touches’ you with the internal line of texture. Concealing the ‘touch’ under the mask of a plain ring, yet revealing for a glimpse through its edge. Shy but sensual, Liud links the ‘touch’ of your skin, a ‘touch’ you share with your love. Evoking senses beyond the visuals.

Launch Date: 4pm, 14th March 2017 (30-day period)
Platform: Kickstarter
pre-order email subscription:

Designer: Napp Studio (Hong Kong)
Material: bronze/ silver
Colours: bronze/ silver
Price: 119-159usd



Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Architecture, Exhibition Design, Fashion/Apparel


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Newfound Architecture Project and Product (NAPP) Studio is a design collaboration that focuses on architecture, interior, product and exhibition design.



Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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