Brisbane, Australia


Shelf 1

Shelf 1 is a design that oozes cubular appeal. It can be easily reconfigured on a whim to divide an open plan space into smaller collaborative zones. The unit can act as a room divider, storage system, a bookshelf and sound-management tool all at once, by simply moving accessories or
flipping sound-absorbing panels from side to side. Other accessories include planter boxes and flexible, light-duty shelves.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Inspired By: The demand for agile space dividers that assist in sound management
Material: Aluminium and timber for sleek and lightweight construction
Colours: Customisable
Dimension: Customisable
Price: POA


Slab Standup

Raising the bar high for standing works surfaces is what this desk does! The Slab Standup from Luxxbox features Lockable castors make this movable work surface right at home in a flexible work space. Adapt spaces to work where and how you need them, with the added bonus of increased ergonomics. Personalise your Slab Standup with many different finishes. Customise further with bag hooks and personal storage, or add data and power capabilities to make this versatile table one heavy hitter.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: Luxxbox (Australia)
Inspired By: The need for well designed, agile furniture
Material: Powercoated metal and natural timber
Colours: Various
Dimension: Three sizes available
Price: POA


Flotte Lantern

The Flotte Lantern is an elegant pendant light that emits a soft, delicate
white glow. Whether suspended in trees, along trellises, or lighting
internal walkways, the sensual curve takes its cue from celebratory
floating paper lanterns. Flotte comes in three forms featuring a delicate
cross worked pattern imitating the soft drape of fabric.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Inspired By: Celebratory floating paper lanterns and a unique client brief
Material: Polymer


Haptic by ThinkLab is re-defining space

The Haptic screen is an innovative volume creator and spatial divider. Whether creating rooms within rooms or buffering hard surfaces, Haptic defines spatial boundaries while tackling the hard tasks of noise attenuation and privacy.
With the versatility of wall hanging, ceiling mounted, straight, curved or wave shapes and countless possible variations in pattern and colour it does double time as a credible decorative element.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: ThinkLab by Luxxbox (Australia)
Material: PET Acoustic Felt
Colours: various - see website
Dimension: various - see website
Price: various - see website


Birdcage Acoustic Lighting

Flexible work spaces enhance creativity but they can be very loud. ThinkLab's Birdcage acoustic pendant utilizes the desk to ceiling plane void to address sound - a previously untapped space in workplaces.

Sound privacy increases employee productivity. It means less disturbances resulting in higher concentration and a reduction in sound fatigue and stress .Features include: long term stability, a Group 1 fire Rating, a Class D sound absorption NRC 0.45 - Class C NRC 0.70, min 65% recycled.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: ThinkLab by Luxxbox (Australia)
Material: PET Acoustic Felt
Colours: various - see website
Dimension: various - see websitev
Price: various - see website


Wedge Thoughboard

The Wedge collective idea board range provides a slim, elegant addition to any workspace. A quiet achiever with loud results. The magnetic whiteboard surface helps you to organise your life or office in style. The addition of the sound absorbency panel, can also help hush open-plan spaces, creating a little slice of calm. High quality double castors enable easy movement on all flooring surfaces. Customize with many optional extras including plant holders, coffee cups and internal tray storage.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: ThinkLab (Australia)
Material: Melamine, timber



Luxxbox’s Podia redefines the commercial sofa, offering a single suite allowing users to connect, retreat, discuss and relax. Incorporating seemingly sunken cushions, suspended on podiums, which when used as tables and with privacy screens can transform into a discreet meeting pod or breakout zone, it can be configured for linear, right/left corner applications or as a workstation when used with stand alone side tables. Solid and veneer plywood, stained or natural timber, specified upholstery

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: Luxxbox (Australia)
Material: Timber, upholstery
Colours: Natural or stained timber, upholstery of choice
Dimension: see website
Price: see website


Flint pendant

Like the sedimentary rock that they take their name from, the range of flint ceramic pendants offer two different faces; inside and out. The textured outer shell offers protection to the smooth interior face; demonstrating strength whilst creating a spark of light wherever they are hung.

This range of ceramic pendant lights are available in high gloss white and black with optional gold glaze interior.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: Luxxbox (Australia)
Material: Ceramic
Colours: Gloss black, gloss white, optional gold glaze interior


The South Series

Designed to fill a market void for functional, attractive outdoor public seating Luxxbox’s South Chair range has extended to now include a high, bar and low stool. The design creates the feeling of a frame that never starts or stops - an infinite loop that defies gravity. The sled legs provide stability on grass, it has a flexible backrest, is 100% recyclable and is easy to carry. It is stackable and has a cleverly designed option of a coin/token chain lock/release system with matching corral.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: Luxxbox (Australia)
Material: Lightweight aluminum
Colours: Full colour range
Price: see website


The Pillow Collection

Luxxbox’s new Pillow collection is deceiving at first - what looks like a soft upholstered seat top is really a heavy duty moulded seat which adds a definitive durability to the curvaceous low profile stool or chair.

The design brings together several high performing materials, with leg variations including natural or black stained American Oak or copper. Its versatility and countless color configurations extends it to indoor and outdoor applications and residential or commercial settings.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: Luxxbox (Australia)
Inspired By: Soft cushioning
Material: Plastic, timber, copper
Colours: refer to
Dimension: refer to
Price: refer to


The Helm

With a form that echoes the design of a Roman legion’s helmet and the robustness to match, The Helm pendant makes a bold statement. The unique side entry for the power cord sets it apart from the crowd as it begs the question "how does it hang straight?". Spun from copper, its available available in gloss black, white and polished copper. The Helm and Helm Mini’s versatile design will enliven any space.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: Luxxbox (Australia)
Inspired By: Roman Legion's helmet
Material: Spun copper
Colours: Gloss black, white and polished copper
Dimension: See our website for size options
Price: see our website for size options


Buzz Bench

The Buzz Bench has been developed to be the hub for bike parking, locking and public seating. A lifestyle element that can be arranged in an array of angles and shapes allowing large numbers of bikes to parked and locked, it also functions as a meeting place for the urban warrior to sit, relax, organize their backpacks, change their shoes or simply spend some time in the community – the Buzz of city life.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: Luxxbox (Australia)
Inspired By: improving our community
Material: Heavy-Duty powder-coated steel with protective nylon bench bumpers
Colours: See website and spec sheet for colour options
Dimension: 1580cm x 885cm x 458cm
Price: See website and for pricing



The latest café series by Luxxbox. The k-base is the perfect alternative to standard café table bases, adding colour and form to create that subtle hint of individuality. The design allows for the table to be weighted by adding water, cement or sand to the centre of the base to ensure they are secure in any space. Choose from a variety of base colours and table finishes to create a unique look in any café, with an optional illumination package available to ensure no one misses you at night.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: Luxbox (Australia)
Material: base made fr om 100% recyclable LDPE
Colours: See spec sheet for extensive colour range
Dimension: 28.7
Price: See spec sheet for pricing


Watch Out

An element of danger makes things a little more exciting
A contemporary twist on a utilitarian and industrial aesthetic. The Watch Out pendant is a convergence of party vibe and built-to-last industrial strength which feels right at home in any edgy, gritty, urban interior.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Colours: check out the spec sheet on our website
Price: $199 AUD


Fractal Cloud

A paradox you can touch
The fractal cloud is every bit as beautifully organic as it is diabolically mathematical. The angled profile is condusive to both haphazard cluster arrangements, creative tesselation and simple end-to-end linear arrays. An energy efficient 1200mm T5 fluorescent tube, or optional Hi Flux LEDs are concealed within the floating, luminous mass of angles, vertices and equations. Euclid would be proud.
The 1500mm long diffuser is made from 100% recyclable translucent LDPE.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Material: LDPE
Colours: translucent
Price: $599 AUD



So cool that Google wanted them. Like a fizzing lolly, the fruity flavours of the new Tingle series from design studio, Luxxbox, will be sure to tickle your taste buds. The fun mix and match colours of the interior/exterior low seating and table series offers great flexibility to complement any office, home or café.
The Tingle is made of 100% recyclable low density polyethylene and is available with either a soft polyurethane pad insert or a hard Tingle top for added height and contrast.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Inspired By: Fruit tingles
Material: LDPE
Dimension: 360mm x 404mm
Price: $129



Debonair meets punk
Like a street kid who spends all their time in a library, NeoRoc has a loud mouth and the smarts to back it up. NeoRoc is an unexpected mash of roccoco style refinement and rebel colour unleashed to unite the middle classes. Invite NeoRoc into your home for tea and scones. Let NeoRoc stay because it looks cool.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Material: LDPE
Colours: snow, aniseed, fairy floss, lime fizz, sky, tang
Price: $88 AUD


1 Eighth Bench

Reminiscent of toy building blocks, the 1eighth bench is big fat fun. When arranged radially, each individual bench represents a 1200mm long arc comprising one eighth of a full circle. The benches can be stacked staggered or straight up and down.

1eighth is perfect for school and educational environments but equally at home in the house or café setting.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: (Australia)
Colours: 15 Vivid Colours - see our online spec sheet for more details
Price: $299 AUD



Ditch the phone books.
Chunk is a simple stylish and very cost effective way to give your monitor the extra height needed to help reduce the strain on your eyes, back and neck, while hiding the cable spaghetti floating around at the back of your desk. Available in 5 colours, chunk looks a lot better than those old phone books from 2003.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: (Australia)
Colours: Black, White, Sky, Lime Fizz and Fairy Floss
Price: $99 AUD



Brisbane, Australia


Industrial Design




Jason Bird design studio exploring a unique aesthetic version of urban design. Lighting and furniture designer and manufacturing creating functional props to connect and collaborate, or just chill out.


Projects include custom table series for Ridley Scott's Prometheus (2013); extensive work for Google Inc; South Chair top five finalist, New York Battery Park International chair competition (2014).




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