lucio curcio

agropoli, Italy


Hiphop side table

These small tables with soft shapes fit together thanks to elegant cuts on each level. They can also be used separately. Solid but lightweight, they fit perfectly into environments with a contemporary approach, reconceptualising industrial styl

Designer: Splitstudio (Binaglia+Curcio) (Italy)
Manufacturer: Car-met group (Italy)
Inspired By: split things
Material: metal
Colours: white/ black/yellow
Dimension: 80x80x40
Price: 400


Fogg, travel lamp

Designed by Splitstudio takes shape and inspiration from the idea of the trip, as well as the lights accompanying travelers nights.
The line remembers an hot-air balloon in which light and heat fuel the journey.
Light to accompany a dream, light to accompany a book or even a note.
Handmade by lathe technique, externally it is in natural finish while inside the glazed white surface helps diffuse a soft light like a candle.

Produced in Deruta, a world famous ceramic city, by M.O.D.

Designer: Splitstudio (binaglia + curcio) (Italy)
Manufacturer: MOD maioliche originali deruta (Italy)
Inspired By: The Fogg lamp is a tribute to J. Verne's narrative.
Material: Terracotta
Colours: natural, white.
Dimension: 15 x 15 x 15
Price: 130



Woody is a line of ironic and playful products composed of a bio fireplace, a coffee table and a log holder, three product variations by a single module.
Inspired by the world of toys, formal simplicity combined with design ideas give to the line Woody an iconic identity where the compact object is joined with the lightness of the design, making Woody collection versatile for indoor, outdoor and contract spaces.

Designer: Lucio Curcio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Car.met srl (Italy)
Inspired By: toys
Material: metal
Dimension: 60x40x45


Sakin coffee table

Sakin Table draws its inspiration from the ritual of the coffee break.
It serves as an invitation to indulge this ritual and take a break.
The design of the table aims to express the concept of ‘a moment dedicated to us’ which is embodied by the lightness of the metal design.
Body and table tops are connected with magnets and are removable.

Designer: Lucio Curcio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Equilibri-Furniture (Italy)
Inspired By: coffee break ritual
Material: metal
Colours: black / red / blue
Dimension: 60 cmx45cmx45cm


Afelio candles holder

Afelio, from the astronomic
dictionary, “ The point in an object's orbit around the Sun when it is furthest from the Sun.“.
This is the inspiration behind Afelio, a candles holder created by the designer and architect Lucio Curcio.
Afelio is a sort of poetic tale that combines the archaic pottery´s work with the modernity and accuracy of the metal working. This candles holder is the manifestation of the Equilibry´s search between handcraft and industry made in Italy.

Designer: lucio curcio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Equilibri Furniture (Italy)
Material: metal sheet and ceramics
Colours: yellow and green
Dimension: 12cmx12cmx12cm



The project was born from the idea to create a young sitting with a touch of humor. A pouf that connect together and form communication
The pouf is produced by Euroline for Formabilio. It is made of polyurethane.
Upholstery : fabric 100% recycled obtained from sustainable manufacturing, as it isn’t dyed, polluting chemicals have not been used

Designer: lucio curcio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Formabilio, Euroline Furniture (Italy)
Inspired By: emoticon and new language
Material: polyurethane and fabric
Colours: green, gray and blue
Dimension: 45x45x45
Price: 112 Euro



agropoli, Italy






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