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Juicy pendant by Lightyears

The Juicy pendant design is logical, simple and functional. The various parts of the lamp; the wire, cone and shade come together seamlessly which makes the pendant seem like an organic whole. The light is warm and concentrated, but never dazzles the beholder. Towards the bottom Juicy is finished off with a honeycomb-filter, which effectively concentrates the light.

Quite specifically, Juicy is created to utilise the light source technology of the future in the best way possible.

Designer: Salto & Sigsgaard (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Lightyears (Denmark)
Material: Drawn aluminium
Colours: Black, white
Dimension: Ø435mm, H440mm


Radon Nigra

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen has found inspiration in the fundamental geometric forms - the circle and the triangle – when designing the Radon series for Lightyears. The light from Radon is direct and adjustable. The shade is multi-directional and furnished with an asymmetrical reflector, ensuring that light spreads out precisely to the surface where it is needed. Radon is now introduced in a completely black version named Radon Nigra and available as table lamp, floor lamp and wall lamp

Designer: Hans Sandgren Jakobsen (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Lightyears (Denmark)
Material: Shade: sand-blasted aluminium. Base: turned brass and Steel bars
Colours: Black


Caravaggio Matt

With the Caravaggio Matt model, Cecilie Manz has added a new style and a new look to the simple and timeless design. The well-known and elegant design is now available in three attractive matt shades that allow the pure lines and soft shapes of the design speak for themselves.

The grey tones, which are named after the numbers in the NCS colour scale, are timeless and suit more-or-less all settings. It is available in three sizes: in white, light grey (Grey25) and a darker grey (Grey45).

Designer: Cecilie Manz (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Lightyears (Denmark)
Material: Drawn steel/aluminium
Colours: white, grey25, grey45



In their work to create the Calabash pendant for Lightyears, The Komplot designers were inspired by the Calabash pumpkin, which originally stems from the tropics and has been used in households – as bowls, water containers,etc. – for centuries.

The three pendant sizes present the same easily recognisable shape. The shades are made of drawn aluminium and finished with a chromed layer that reflects the surroundings and unites the space. Calabash is available in black,silver,gold and red.

Designer: Komplot Design (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Lightyears (Denmark)
Inspired By: The Calabash pumpkin
Material: Drawn aluminium
Colours: black,gold,silver,red



Nosy has a unique design and high level of functionality right down to the smallest detail, ensuring that it can combine high light emission and flexibility with a design that is full of character. The head and base of the lamp are made of light, strong polycarbonate; while the slim body consists of a flexible tube coated with a rubber material that unites the head, body and base into a single organic whole. The flexible body can be turned through 300 degrees on its axis.

Designer: Salto+Sigsgaard
Manufacturer: Lightyears



Diamond is an IP 65 wall fixture which utilizes all the best properties of the LED light source. In each of the four squares formed is a 1,1 W light diode behind a diffuser of shock-resistant polycarbonate. Diamond needs no maintenance at any time during the lifetime of the lamp. The light diodes burn for approx. 15 to 20 years and the energy consumption is only 6.8W.

Designer: Mads Odgaard
Manufacturer: Lightyears


Caravaggio T+F for Lightyears

The characteristic shade is high-gloss lacquered, while the foot and standard have been given a dull lacquer finish. A flexible tube, which is hidden by the shade, has been mounted on the standard which makes it possible to tilt the shade, and with it the light cone, up to 40 degrees. This function makes the lamps more flexible and functional as light sources, so that they can be used, for example, as working lights.

Designer: Cecilie Manz
Manufacturer: Lightyears



Creating a simple, soft design for small and large pendants was the main idea behind Cecilie Manz’ Caravaggio series, which is available in five different sizes. The curves passed through a number of shapes during the design process, but this version captures a feminine form.

The shade is made of drawn steel and coated with smooth, high-gloss paint. The suspension technology is masculine in construction, creating the right counterbalance to the shade’s feminine lines.

Designer: Cecilie Manz
Manufacturer: Lightyears


Caravaggio Opal

Cecilie Manz' Caravaggio-pendant lamp has obtained the status of a genuine new classic in record time. The original Caravaggio pendant lamp with its high-gloss lacquered metal shade is known for its concentrated downward light. With Caravaggio Opal it is now possible to combine the characteristic design with a completely different lighting effect. The Opal glass shade gives out a soft, dimmed light which is particularly suited for rooms where a more evocative lighting is required.

Designer: Cecilie Manz
Manufacturer: Lightyears



Brancusi is designed to illuminate rooms with a high ceiling using a large, integrated aluminium reflector. The material, geometry and surface of this reflector ensure the effective and pleasant distribution of the light, which is precisely why Brancusi is so perfect for large rooms.

Designer: Cecilie Manz
Manufacturer: Lightyears



Atomheart has been created with inspiration from the Sci-Fi design universe, where everything is possible and nothing is inconceivable.

Atomheart is available in two different pendant sizes and as a table and a floor lamp. All four variants are made of hand-blown acid frosted opal glass in three layers, which in the pendant lamps encircle the light source all the way round and are crowned by a white high-gloss suspension.

Designer: Morten Voss (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Lightyears (Denmark)



Aarhus, Denmark


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