Maggie Laylon Saunders

Savanah, United States


Napkin Holders designed for Design Within Reach

These are napkin rings designed for Design Within Reach. They would not be misplaced or shoved into a drawer, but a modern table top item, and a conversation piece for any meal. It can become multi-functional; ceramic tiles may be used in place of the colors to become a hotplate, and the colors can be changed seasonally. The wood inlay rare earth magnets hold the napkin holders together, making it easy to stack and pull apart. The piece can lay flat or stand upright.

Designer: Maggie Laylon Saunders (United States)
Manufacturer: Maggie Laylon Saunders (United States)
Inspired By: Eames and Design Within Reach
Material: Mahogany and Acrylic Paint
Colours: assorted
Dimension: 9''x6''
Price: $110.00



Savanah, United States


3-D Modeling





United States

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