Berlin, Germany


KUTO poufs by Kumeko Design

The Kuto is a range of poufs. With the name derived from a Finnish word ‘kutoa’ meaning to weave, Kuto is inspired by traditional Nordic weaving and basket-making techniques. The padded outer bands are intricately woven together in a taught and sculptural pattern. Available in two different forms, as a stool or an ottoman and in four different colours that evoke the imagery of Nordic nature. Assembled by hand in Berlin Kuto is made from sustainable materials sourced from European suppliers.

Designer: Alexandra Fefelova
Material: 100% wool upholstery fabric
Colours: Pine Forest, River Stone, Misty Morning and Winters Day



Berlin, Germany


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Our story began in a small Prague apartment, where architect and designer Sasha Fefelova created a floor cushion for her living room. Its eye-catching and distinctive design received widespread attention, and the idea quickly became a business reality.

Combining Sashas professional background in architectural design and her passion for craft and sewing, Kumeko celebrates traditional crafting methods and blends them with modern, functional design.

Specialising in personal and home apparel, our range is comprised of unique pieces designed to compliment your lifestyle.

At Kumeko we believe in slow design, valuing ethical principles and ideas that are thoughtfully developed. Our products are made exclusively from sustainable materials sourced from European suppliers, and with each item lovingly assembled by hand in our Berlin studio, you are assured of its highest quality.



Jablonskistraße 10
10405 Berlin

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