Berlin, Germany


bikepot : urban planter + bikestand combo

bikepot combines urban green with urban mobility.
The frost-proof xxl planter holds up to 6 bicycles.
bikepot kombiniert die großstädtischen Trends "urbanes Grün" und "urbane mobilität"
Der ca. 94cm hohe Pflanzbehälter aus robustem frostsicheren PE hält bis zu 6 Fahrräder. Diese können an den integrierten Metallösen sicher angekettet werden. Ideal für öffentliche Plätze, Hotels...

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: objektbereich
Inspired By: urban green, urban mobility
Material: PE
Colours: anthracite, green, red, orange...
Dimension: Height: approx. 950mm


deskbridge : Desktop organizer

The bridge-like desk top accessory hides ugly cables, power supplies as well as the external hard drive and has a side shelf for the current correspondence. The keyboard can be slid under the surface to create some extra space on the desk.

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: emform (Germany)
Material: Aluminium, HPL


Daran symbiotic side table

Space saving Daran table lives in symbiosis with sofa, bed or lounge chair and is simply clipped under the furniture's foot.
In the hollow leg you can hide cables for your electronic devices.

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: rephorm (Germany)
Inspired By: Berlin
Material: Steel / Aluminium, powder coated
Colours: white
Dimension: Diameter: 35cms


Clipshelf / Billy parasite

CLIPSHELF: Vote for clipshelf on to make a good idea become real: The italian design label ex.t will produce the winner of this contest... This small add-on for standard shelves makes a designer item out of each ordinary IKEA Billy.
Clipshelf adds additional space on existing bookshelves or gives your favourite books an extra place. Vertical mounting on standard row of holes with 32mm distance.

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: noroom
Inspired By: IKEA
Material: powdercoated steelsheet


Bambi makeup workstation

Bambi is a hidden beauty workstation: The slightly sloped standing mirror is an innovative concealment for your beauty acessoiries: Just open it, take a chair and take care of your self: All cosmetics and toiletries are ready to hand.

Integrated lighting and lexible magnifying mirror

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Material: aluminium, oak, mirror
Dimension: diameter mirror : approx. 60cm / height: approx. 140cm


workframe iPad home office

workframe is: picture frame (if closed) magnetic memo board, home office, charging station, iPad nest, wall desk, room saver, high desk, concealment....

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: Mueller Moebelwerkstaetten (Germany)
Inspired By: mobile devices, urban living, ipad, small flats
Material: coated plywood, powder coated steel
Colours: white
Dimension: width approx. 70cms


Al Tar

iPad -shrine
AL Tar is a shrine for modern treasures: It gives your mobile devices a place to rest...Integrated sockets to charge mobile
phone, tablet etc. storage space for laptop, magazine

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: rephorm (Germany)
Material: HPL
Dimension: 450x1200x50mm


flatmate ipad desk

Due to its slim depth and sleek, unobtrusive exterior it transforms long hallways into home offices or offers an intimate place for writing letters in the bedroom.
An integrated flexible interior with storage space for iPad and Co. combines the features of a classic type of furniture with the new forms of networked living and working.
Behind the side flaps there is space for two 8cm wide standard-sized files, a 17“ laptop including accessories and CDs or similar.

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: Mueller Moebelwerkstaetten (Germany)
Inspired By: urban living
Material: Multiplex plywood
Colours: RAL
Dimension: 750x120x1140
Price: 985 Euro


umbrella base by iidee

Your umbrella "grows" out of the ground; chair legs can be placed between the roots...

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: rephorm (Germany)
Inspired By: trees
Material: steel (powdercoated, galvanized, rust)
Colours: green, orange rust
Dimension: diameter: 600mm
Price: 199,- Euro


sit:up by iidee

minimalistic balcony set for the urban open-air breakfast: Foldable table, rotatable seats, integrated umbrella-holder

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: rephorm (Germany)
Inspired By: Balkonien
Material: Steeltube, HPL
Dimension: 1200 x 600mm



The omnipresent satdish stands for urban alienation from nature. Plantenna inverts this process....

Designer: !idee Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Inspired By: urbanity
Material: Steelwire, plastics, wood
Colours: grey
Dimension: diameter: 600mm
Price: approx. 180 Euro


plug'n plant

Steckling: „plug’n plant“: Forget the boring green plasticbox on rusty metalhooks: ‚Steckling’ is the first flowerpot for architectonically aesthetic balcony-railings. Like a saddle it is sticked ontop the bannister; the two separate plant areas allow versatile kinds of planting.

Designer: Michael Hilgers Germany
Dimension: 30 cm



Berlin, Germany






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