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madison, United States


Net_Work installation

Curated by Healoha Johnston, Kaili Chun and Hongtao Zhou created Net_Work installation at Honolulu Museum of Art to invite visitors to navigate through a weblike system in this participatory installation. The gallery space is connected and reorganized by abstract wall maps of global shipping, immigration, internet, air traffic and many others. It plays with ideas of agency and autonomy in a global economy, and foregrounds notions of self-empowerment within predetermined systems.

Designer: hongtao zhou (United States)
Inspired By: hawaii


Lamp Cut from One Piece of Lumber

Hongtao band saw ash lumbers to create Lumber Lamps. They contain space and light, transforming the lumber into a dynamic sculptural mechanism to deliver lights as well as visual forms. He also creates large scale tree-shaped sculptures from lumber and bamboo for gallery spaces. The fiber reaches out from square-shaped lumber to express their life energy and remind us their past life and where the lumbers are from.

Designer: hongtao zhou (United States)
Manufacturer: (United States)
Inspired By: Ash wood under attack by emerald ash borers
Material: Ash
Dimension: vary



University of Hawaii-Manoa Professor Hongtao Zhou creates 3D documents to reemphasis printing in modern technological world. Printing was first invented in China to reproduce text, however today, it had been widely adopted in 3D printing to create objects. These letter-sized 3D documents visually profile the subject matters of the texts, such as cities, landscapes or figures. They make reading process interactive for general audience or blind people to read as knowledge as well as art.

Designer: Hongtao Zhou (United States)
Inspired By: 3d printing
Material: abs plastic
Colours: white
Dimension: 11by8.5


Snow Furniture Dancing Milwaukee Art Museum

I hope this would remind people of the project last year as well as the increasingly severe environmental issues. The dancing furniture may look like melting down. Maybe it forecast the last dance of the current industrial world, or of human civilization if we do not change the way we live.

Designer: hongtao zhou (United States)


Green Flag Chair

Line up your walls with these flags, to decorative a house.
Line up these flags in pairs, they starts functions as chairs.
Line up the slots in levels, these chairs are adjustable in heights, depth and angles.
These green functions and ideas were inspired by the colorful wood scraps, Native American Turkey Feather Art and decorative banner. It is multiple functions: adjustable sitting and wood ID class to children.

Designer: hongtao zhou (United States)
Inspired By: colorful wood scraps, Native American Turkey Feather Art
Material: wood
Dimension: vary


Halloween Chair

I found a broken chair from a dumpster. It was thrown away from home before its owners' seasonal decorating.
It looked upset with broken legs in cold rain.
The time was about holidays, I extended this chair's life cycle.
After fixing the structure, I put wood scraps and saw dust on it as dripping blood (trees'). It started to look like a Halloween character in our chair communities.
"Enjoy Halloween and Christmas my chair friend." : )

Designer: hongtao zhou (United States)
Material: wood and saw dust


Ice & Snow Furniture Raised From Lake

The furniture is raised by an artist following the nature using local climate and natural resources to please people in winter. They connect the lake, the land, the air and the people and complete a sustainable life cycle with minimum environmental impact. Following the weather changes, the furniture will back into the lake and become a part of the water body again and complete their stories.

Designer: hongtao zhou (United States)
Manufacturer: (United States)



madison, United States





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