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Cologne, Germany



CURVE coat rack attached to the wall by a wire. When not in use, it can be positioned upright against the wall and secured by a magnet, leaving the wire to retract.

Designer: Felix Stark (Germany)
Manufacturer: Schönbuch (Germany)
Material: powder-coated metal
Colours: Black
Dimension: 165x65 165x100


PostBOT Deutsche Post AG

Self-propelled electric robot to follow mail carriers automatically and carry their mail items

Designer: Felix Stark
Manufacturer: Deutsche Post AG



Starkbox is a multifunctional storagebox which can be compiled and equipped according to the specific needs of the user.

Designer: Felix Stark (Germany)
Manufacturer: Magazin (Germany)
Material: Birch plywood
Dimension: 35 × 25 × 41 cm (smal) 50 × 35 × 31 cm (big)
Price: 165,00 Euro (smal) 195,00 Euro (big)



Despite its reduced form HOLDIT combines several functions in one compact furniture. The top serves as a side table or stool, at the level below books,e-reader or MP3 player can be securely stored and on the left and on the right magazines and newspapers can be organized.

Designer: Felix Stark
Manufacturer: Müller Möbelwerkstätten GmbH
Material: Powdercoated steel
Dimension: width 350 · height 450 · depth 300 mm


PRAK Table

“PRAKtically” is the motto of the side table PRAK. Wherever you need a storage space, the lightweight but stable tables are on the spot. The elegant combination of chrome-plated steel and white coated birch plywood is transformed to a light but very strong piece of furniture.

Designer: Felix Stark
Manufacturer: Müller Möbelwerkstätten GmbH (Germany)
Material: Birch Blywood, Steel
Dimension: width 400 · height 500 · depth 400 mm width 300 · height 300 · depth 300 mm


Nook Bed

The bed NOOK offers more than it appears at first glance. The upper spacious storage area of the headboard provides plenty of space for books, alarm clock or bedside lamps. All devices can be supplied by power through the slender openings in the cover plates. The compartments under the cover plates are fitted with cable ports, so that they can store also power supplies and adapters. The secret compartment, which is protected by a double bottom
from prying eyes, offers more storage room

Designer: Felix Stark
Manufacturer: Müller Möbelwerkstätten GmbH (Germany)
Material: Birch Plywood
Dimension: width 938, 1038, 1238, 1438, 1638, 1838 mm height 800 · depth 2238 mm


Plane Secretary

With the power supply hidden behind the rear table leg, while the mains adapters and plug connectors stored in a compartment at the desk the secretary can be used with all the modern day accessories but without the cable clutter.

Designer: Felix Stark (Germany)
Manufacturer: Müller Möbelwerkstätten (Germany)
Material: birch plywood
Colours: white
Dimension: 90cm h x 106cm w x 70cm d
Price: 685



"Plane" double bed with integrated bedside table.
Optional with box for bedclothes which can be used as seating bench and shelf.

Designer: Felix Stark (Germany)
Manufacturer: Müller Möbelwerkstätten (Germany)
Material: Plywood
Colours: Black, White



Floor lamp

Designer: Felix Stark (Germany)
Inspired By: a tree
Material: Steel, glas
Dimension: 151 cm height (big) 82 cm height (smal)
Price: prototype


Sofa S3 by Felix Stark

Sofa / divan bed

Designer: Felix Stark (Germany)
Material: steel, wool
Dimension: 220x80x66
Price: prototype


Plug & Play by Felix Stark

Power socket mp3 player/speaker.
No cable, no mains adapter, just plug & Play!

Designer: Felix Stark (Germany)


Bulb 2.0

energy saving lamp which cited the traditional light bulb

Designer: Felix Stark (Germany)


Felix Stark

+X leave It up to the user to choose a adequate drink: champagne, juice, cocktails.. +X is the Swiss army knife of glasses!

Designer: Felix Stark (Germany)


Hocker 02 by Felix Stark

Hocker 02

The Hocker 02 is a multi-functional piece of furniture which can be used as both a stool and a table. This is possible because one side is plain, the other equipped with a dent for sitting down. can be stacked on one another to save space.

Designer: Felix Stark


usb stick

USB-Stick without loose parts




Vase "Tube"

Felix Stark

Designer: Felix Stark





Cologne, Germany


Industrial Design, Interior Design, Exhibition Design




People are complex. Our perception is sensitive and versatile. Therefore the design that surrounds us should be simple. Things we can grasp and comprehend easily relate to our natural need to understand our environment. Ideally the ultimate form of a design object looks natural just like the logical conclusion of its function.


Ecosign Akademie

Organizations & Network

Arbeitskreis Museum für Angewandte Kunst


German Design Award
Die gute Form

Wemhoener Award
Smart/Neon Ideenwetbewerb
Oktalite Leuchten-Wettbewerb



Felix Stark
Schillingstr 23
50670 Cologne

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