Elena Goray

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Tumble Temple

A dynamic sculpture – metaphorical to tumbleweed. The construction is a cocoon made of naturally strong bamboo. Its exterior side has extensions with which it can move and protect the inner space.

Designer: Elena Goray & Christoph Tönges (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: CONBAM (Germany)
Inspired By: tumbleweed
Material: The structure is made of splits from black Wulung and yellow Moso bamboo.
Colours: black and yellow
Dimension: 5mx5m


Tamed Wave

Specifically designed for LIBAF (Lombok International Bamboo Architectural Festival), Indonesia.
This spatial installation translates the movement of water into a wave passage.

Designer: Elena Goray (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: (Indonesia)
Inspired By: tube wave
Material: bamboo slats and re-used bicycle tubes
Dimension: 5x5x4 m


Lucky Tea Table

The base of the table consists of a pile of bamboo poles in a variety of different sizes and colors held together by metal belts, which eliminate the need for any screw or glue. The horizontal cut of the bamboo base that becomes visible under the table glass, reveals naturally beautiful and visually appealing organic pattern.

Designer: Elena Goray,Christoph Tönges (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: CONBAM (Germany)
Material: bamboo poles, stainless steel belts, glass, metal plate
Dimension: Height 62cm, Diameter 70 cm


Pile Isle

The „Pile Isle“ bamboo bench is a relaxing place for our daily hectic environment.A bundle of brown bamboo poles is strapped together in smart and simple way. Just 4 belts of stainless steel are keeping the shape – no screw and no glue is necessary!

Designer: Elena Goray,Christoph Tönges (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: CONBAM (Germany)
Inspired By: pile of bamboo poles and chopped tree trunk benches
Material: bamboo poles,stainless steel belts
Colours: brown
Dimension: 90/90/300cm


soft tile by elena goray

I create soft feelings by using hard materials.For me 3D surface,which was inspired by the pattern of the Chesterfield Chair,i use porcelain that appears extremely soft to the touch and that exudes such warmth that onlookers feel the irrepressible urge to touch it.

Designer: elena goray (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: elena goray (Netherlands)
Inspired By: pattern of the Chesterfield Chair
Material: porcelain
Colours: white,black,dark blue
Dimension: 25/15/5



Amsterdam, Netherlands





Gerrit Rietveld Academie,
 Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam the Netherlands


LIBAF 2013 Received the second prize, Lombok Indonesia, 2009 DMY Award. Berlin, Germany.




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