brussels, Belgium



The bloated collection is made out of sheets of leather, filled with expanded foam
No complicated moulds, and no seams are used in the production, the leather inflate in a natural way, making each piece unique.

photo credit: Bruno Timmermans

Designer: Damien Gernay (Belgium)
Inspired By: nature
Material: inflated leather, solid ash
Dimension: 140 x 60x 75 cm


textured sideboard by dust deluxe

Increasingly, the object is modellised in three dimensions in order to imagine its final form. The modeling software works in stages; first of all we modellise what is known as a neutral object, which corresponds to the form of the object and only then is its texture applied. I therefore propose to take the same approach, by creating neutral forms as they are generally represented, i.e. in white and then literally project the texture, onto them.

Designer: damien Gernay (Belgium)



silkscreen on paper Dimensions: 100x60 cm / modules Materials : thermoreactive ink, paper
The Fades wallpaper creates accidental gradients that imitate video fades. The living space becomes an instable zone that goes from bright to dark depending on the heat.

Designer: damien Gernay (Belgium)



Cramp is a research on image or on the representation of an object in a synthetic manner. The table is composed of a succession of different layers, going from oak to epoxy resin. The transformation of the matter induces the shape. Sharp edges characterizing wooden assemblies get soften in order to become the necessary curves for the application of the resin.

Designer: Damien Gernay


STRUKTr table

Dimensions: 141x75x75 cm
Materials : lacquered aluminum, epoxy foam
Colors: black, white, red, yellow, blue, aluminum
STRUKTr table is composed of two lacquered aluminum sheets with, in between, injected epoxy foam.
The physical properties of the foam, its alveolar structure, its adherence, its low expansion pressure allow to structure a triplex giving the table a very high resistance combined to a light weight.

Designer: DUSTDELUXE (Belgium)
Manufacturer: DUSTDELUXE (Belgium)



Dimensions :.149 x 60,5 x 74 cm
Materials maple, padouk

Designer: dustdeluxe (Belgium)


DUSTDELUXE @ milano New collection

STRUKTr table Indoor/outdoor Self-production MULTIPLE

Designer: DUSTDELUXE Dimensions: 141x75x75 cm Materials : lacquered aluminum, epoxy foam Colors: black, white, red, yellow, blue, aluminum Made in Belgium



Playtime by Dust Deluxe

Playtime are modular shelves which refer to the structurized and colorful universe of the film-maker Jacques Tati.

Designer: Damien Gernay, Jeremy Vanneste Made in Belgium




brussels, Belgium


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Dustdeluxe, a modular studio of plastic research, a platform interacting with any branch approaching, more
or less, the world of design. We propose a sensitive outlook on todays world, interpreting, through the three
dimensions, an universe of perception; touch becomes volume, the visual becomes colour, a frequency of sound
becomes form.




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