Hannover, Germany


PEARL by ding3000

PEARL is a composition of a mirror, a small side board with drawers and a stool. Inspired by the appearance of a traditional easel Pearl elevates skin and hair care to the ranks of fine arts.

Designer: ding3000 (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)
Inspired By: easel
Material: wood
Colours: White, Black


Tiffany Flowers

With “Tiffany Flowers” ding3000 has set a starting point to lend the old and dusty genre Tiffany a new fascination with the help of alternative joining techniques, new materials and a contemporary design. “Tiffany Flowers” is made out of more than 500 laser cut acrylic glass pieces, which are simply joined by an environmental friendly PU-coating.

Designer: ding3000 (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)
Inspired By: Tiffany lamps
Material: Acrylic Glas, PU-Coating
Colours: Black, Multicolor
Dimension: d 80cm x h 40cm


2D LED by ding3000

The quick hand sketch of an archetypical lamp was the inspiration for “2D LED”. By means of modern LED technology it is possible to keep the body of the lamp as thin as possible, which gives the luminaire the appearance of a sketched line. The sheathed metal hose within the foot provides an adjustable hood. “2D LED” is available as table or floor lamp.

Designer: ding3000 (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Material: Aluminuim, Rubber, LED
Colours: Black
Dimension: L20 W20 H45 cm


INANDOUT by ding 3000

It's up to you to decide which form the trivet is to take: In or out, round or jagged, suitable for small or large pots. The trivet INANDOUT suits your request in a vers flexible way. No wonder since it consists of soft silicone and can be turned with one flick of your wrist. Concerning the color your wish is also our command. INANDOUT comes in blackberry, green, blue or grey colors. With this concept of freedom of choice one thing remains 100 percent stable: Your pot remains on the table.

Designer: ding3000 (Germany)
Manufacturer: Konstantin Slawinski - Housewarming Objects (Germany)


Animal Tales Collection by ding3000

“Mother Nature is still the best designer in the world.” That’s why we started copying her most fascinating creations. ding3000´s petting zoo features floating afghan hounds, shy giraffes, greedy chicks and not-at-all-stubborn mules.

Designer: ding3000 (Germany)
Manufacturer: ding3000 (Germany)


ding 3000 Milano Preview

ding3000’s Animal Tales! The folks from ding3000 thought to themselves: “Mother Nature is still the best designer in the world”. That’s why they started copying her most fascinating creations. Visit ding3000´s petting zoo during the Milano Design Week 2008 and admire floating afghan hounds, shy giraffes, greedy chicks and not-at-all-stubborn mules. (DING3000, SALONE SATELLITE, GANGWAY C, STAND Nº 36) photo: Philipp Nemenz



Noble toolbox by ding3000

Noble in appearance and provided with four legs, the classical toolbox obtains a new task: It stows away utensils in the office, in the home office or within the living space.

Designer: ding3000


S-XL Cake by ding3000

is a baking dish with a new approach: The shape of the cake is inspired by the permanent issue "how to divide a cake?". 'S-XL CAKE' plays with our individual need for different sizes of cake-pieces in a decorative, provocative and ironic way by taking advantage of the new possibilities that flexible silicone baking dishes offer.

Designer: ding3000 Made in Germany



candle scherze by ding3000

Scherze: candle with switch for Corpus Delicti

Designer: ding3000


wall clock

Although the colour of this wall clock´s face and hands is plain pure white, it is still an eyecatcher. An intense colour on the reverse of the clock´s hands and face makes appear a colourfully glowing corona and enables you to clearly and well read the time of day.
Designer: ding3000 for Authentic


Designmai - ding 3000

ding3000 shows off at designmai youngsters in Berlin! ding3000 for peace: The turning-lamp TEHERAN is inspired by the helpless certainty about the early return of those night-vision images, which are supposed to explain us the war on TV. ding3000 is well grounded: The PVCFRANSENDING tells about fake-floorings and builds a bridge between textile-carpets and PVC-carpets. ding3000 works for Ikea: PIMP MY BILLY are three tuning-objects for the world¹s biggest seller when it comes to shelves.

Come and visit us May 18th - 21th 2006 DMY am Flutgraben 3 D-12435 Berlin



pimp my BILLY!

35 million units have been sold worldwide of the ikea shelf billy. making it the world's biggest seller when it comes to shelves. following the slogan pimp my billy ding3000 have devoted their creativity to this classic ikea piece.

billy wilder meets one’s primary expectation of a shelf to put everything in order. it is meant as a playful approach to the subject “our daily mess” and shall serve as an interim storage place for unsorted books, magazines and newspapers. the wildly growing rack makes billy wilder.





Hannover, Germany


Industrial Design


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