Cristian Sporzon

Milan, Italy



PixBowl is a colourful handmade pottery bowl you can use to drink milk or for any use you prefer.PixBowl borns from the idea of an unfinished ceramic piece, a bowl “underconstruction”.
You can see the typical "squares" of pixels in a half of the bowl.

PixBowl is available in different colours: White (Matte or Polished finished), Turquoise, Yellow, Orange, Green.

Designer: Cristian Sporzon (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Material: Pottery
Colours: White, Tuquoise, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink
Dimension: 12 cm (diameter), 5,5 cm (height)
Price: 22,00 Euro



Metro_Led is a Lamp that comes from the construction world, It is conceived by the wooden meter used by the construction worker. Metro_Led can be used in different configurations thanks to its structure. Is made from aluminum and it is possible to use it as a free-standing lamp or hanging on the wall.

Designer: Cristian Sporzon (Italy)
Inspired By: Wooden meter
Material: Aluminum
Colours: Different colours


Web Company Office

This Project was conceived for a Web Company who wanted to redefine its space.
I wanted to redefine the space with some elements that allows light filtering the spaces.

Designer: Cristian Sporzon (Italy)



Colourful and brilliant small table, Smartly gives a new look to your home! Smartly is bespoke for smart people!
It is made of colour lacquered wood or natural wood.
Its dimension are: L 55 x W 55 x H 45 cm.

Designer: Cristian Sporzon (Italy)
Material: natural wood, lacquered wood
Colours: any
Dimension: L 55 x W 55 x H 45 cm


Set Back

When I designed Setback I was thinking about New York Skyscraper. In 1916 groundbreaking Zoning Resolution was issued, this fact characterized the New York skyline. Setback is a furniture that allows you mirroring in different ways but you can put your stuff into the drawers that are placed between mirrors on the different levels. Setback also allows you and other people mirroring together. It is made of wood and it has 4 wheels so you can move it everywhere!

Designer: Cristian Sporzon (Italy)
Inspired By: New Yorks' skyscraper
Material: wood or PMMA
Dimension: L 51 W 40 H 199 cm


70's table

70’s has a sinuous line and has no sharp angles. The cristalplant or corian highlight and emphasize its features. 70's can also take on different combinations through the mix of colors and materials for example. Steel or wood for the structure and crystal for the plan.

Designer: Cristian Sporzon (Italy)
Dimension: 110 cm wide by 260 long with a maximum height of 78 cm



Arco is designed with a versatile, it can be made up of different types of wood (also providing a possible fabric cushion), or a combination of different materials eg. wood and leather. The concept is developed from two carriers, seamless, unique modules that draw an infinite line.

Designer: Cristian Sporzon (Italy)
Dimension: 186 cm wide by 247 long with a maximum height of 67 cm.



Looking for a company in order to produce 70s and Arco


Milan, Italy


Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design


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Born in 76, from Brianza, a major in architecture from Politecnico di Milano, and a career started designing retail stores. Here is where he discovers and gets closer to interior design, challanging himself mixing his cultural and professional background to materials. Nowadays his design gives a shape to daily life through great creative elements. As for wood, leading actor of his first design project. Its incredible ductility and its natural malleability have inspired the designing of these unique pieces, where styles and shapes begin without ever ending, in a optical game to infinity.


MAD Milan Art Design, from May 21st to October 31st 2015 c/o nhow Milan hotel, via Tortona 35 Milan Italy


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