boza studio

Paris, France


Bearded silicone egg cup

it is a bearded egg cup, in silicone and three different beard colors, brown, redhead, and gray, for a funny visual effect, inspired by hipsters look

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)
Inspired By: hipster style
Material: Silicon
Colours: brown, red, grey


Magnetic Clock Blackhole

Concept of a magnetic clock designed by Josselin Zaïgouche (bozastudio), inspired by the immensity of space

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)
Inspired By: Space, Stanley Kubrick, Infinity, Blackhole, Star
Material: Plastic
Colours: black and white


Switch me

The way to reduce your energy use...

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)
Inspired By: ecology
Material: Metal
Colours: Green


Floor low table

Living in harmony

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)
Inspired By: wood & illusion
Material: wood & plexy


Kub (Pen holder)

Kub is a pen holder, nothing else.

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)
Material: Wood
Colours: Antracite


toksik ashtray by Josselin Zaïgouche

"To smoke or not to smoke?"
The toksik ashtray can help you to find the answer...

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)


4Q low table

This low table called "4Q" is a simple cube, but there is 4 red pillows on it, which can be usefull for little place.

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)


Miam by Josselin Zaïgouche

Low table

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)


ZERO concept phone

This one is literally a different take on the design of a mobile phone.
The Zero Concept Phone isn’t shaped like a zero,
but it’s a square box with two equal sides that connect to each other.
When these two sides are together, the hollow part in the middle becomes
the transparent holographic display for the phone.
When the two sides are open, the phone works as a normal telephone and there is no screen.

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)


E wall

Now your wall can be a multi purpose product for you. Check out this new concept called “E-Wall”. This concept is proposed development sprawl for offices. This wall offers never-ending and amazing opportunities to have a rest, calm down, have a drink and much more. There are multiple blocks integrated within the wall that can be used for different purposes. All the blocks are made of different textures and different densities. E-Wall is surely going to be a beneficial concept for modern offices.

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)


333 concept light

You can vary the intensity of the lighting LED by revolving an angle.

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche



Designer and Graphic designer


Paris, France


Industrial Design, 3-D Modeling, Art Direction


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