Arthur Rottier

Arnhem, Netherlands


AR NH 01 Rocker chair

AR NH 01 is an extremely comfortable rocking chair. The connections, and the absence of them, define the simplicity and beauty of the chair. It can be used indoor, as well as outdoors, Fit for professional use, manufactured completely in The Netherlands.

Designer: Arthur Rottier and Nout van Heumen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: studiorottier (Netherlands)
Inspired By: New manufacturing techniques, and combining ergonomy with longlasting quality of materials.
Material: steel in chrome, copper or a natural finish. SEBS rubber, and coated foam.
Colours: Available in 8 colors, red, orange, brown, blue, grey, black, petrol and green.
Dimension: 860mm x 580mm x 685m
Price: 749,00


Park Bench

Series of park benches designed as a farewell gift to the City of Arnhem, The Netherlands, from departing Mayor Pauline Krikke. Excellent ergonomic features and extreme durability are the main characteristics. Creating the right “seat” meant elaborate wood shaping. The result is incredibly comfortable! The “Accoya” wood is the most sustainable wood available. All design and production is a local affair. Based on these specific benches, a commercial version will be available from June 2014.

Designer: Arthur Rottier (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Arthur Rottier (Netherlands)
Material: Accoya wood, steel, rubber
Dimension: 3300mm length


Chaise Longue by Arthur Rottier

[ AR1 ] is a fresh translation of the classic chaise longue. Base for the design were ergonomic measurements and contemporary manufacturing techniques.
The body position allows active participation in conversation, but would not block a little nap either. The extreme durability of the materials allows for heavy duty in- and outdoor use, domestic as well as professional.[ AR1 ] comes in five colors contrasting the white base; but color wishes can be fullfilled. A kid's version is also available!

Designer: Arthur Rottier (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: PCS (Netherlands)



Arnhem, Netherlands


Industrial Design, Interior Design, Architecture




Product and Industrial designer based in The Netherlands.
After gaining longtime experience since 1992 working for others, either employed
or freelance, he started up his own productions since 2007
Fascinated to combine the newest production techniques with smart designs. The
huge challenge in keeping production local while achieving a great price-quality
ratio met head on.


Academy of Arts Maastricht, and Enschede (Artez)


Design is ...

the proces between idea and commercially available product...



Van Lawick van Pabststraat 20
6814 HJ Arnhem

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