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Mexico city, Mexico


VOLCANOES - popo&izta

These rings were inspired by 2 mexican volcanoes known as Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, the name was taken from an ancient Aztec legend. These rings were made from the actual 3d relief of the volcanoes, they were 3d printed and casted, so you can actually wear a part of your landscape.

Designer: Luis Omar GC (Mexico)
Manufacturer: ARTE JOYAS (Mexico)
Inspired By: Popo and Izta volcanoes
Material: Sterling Silver
Colours: Polished silver
Dimension: 21 x 25 x 30 aprx
Price: 140 usd


Deduú collection

This collection was inspired by the maze built by Dédalo in greek mithology. It represents our individuality facing infinite possibilities, everyday we face our own maze of desitions and its consecuences

Designer: luis omar gc (Mexico)
Manufacturer: Arte Joyas ® (Mexico)
Inspired By: Dedalo Maze and the complexity of our ideas
Material: Sterling silver and nano ceramics
Colours: Silver and White Ceramic
Dimension: 20 x 15 x 25 mm
Price: 95 usd



This double ring is a tribute inspired by nature’s morphological structures; some visual and operational systems are quite similar between plants and animals like bones and ribs

Designer: luis omar gc (Mexico)
Manufacturer: Arte Joyas (Mexico)
Inspired By: Organic Structures
Material: Sterling Silver
Colours: Shiny Silver
Dimension: 55 x 28 x 36 mm
Price: 269 usd


leaf lover

I'm a simplicity lover, simple curves, simple surfaces and simple love. In this piece we can observe the intersection of two simple surfaces ( the petals) generating the shape of a heart. The origin of this "organic" love comes from nature, where the petals are in a constant intersection, it is the beholder who decides to see love (heart) hidden in the subtlety of forms.

Designer: luis omar guerrero (Mexico)
Manufacturer: Arte Joyas (Mexico)
Inspired By: leaves hearts
Material: Rhodium coated and sandblasted silver
Colours: silver
Dimension: 5 x .4 x 1 inch
Price: 68.0 USD


cityscape pixel ring

This ring was inspired by the vast cityscape of any city. I like the idea of many small pixels forming huge skycrapers to become something bigger like a city.

Designer: luis omar guerrero (Mexico)
Manufacturer: Arte Joyas (Mexico)
Inspired By: cityscapes
Material: sandblasted sterling silver
Colours: white
Dimension: 25 x 25 x 29 mm
Price: 98 usd


blank diamond

This ring is a wire frame interpretation of an engagement ring, maybe it is a commitment with another person, maybe it is with yourself or maybe… there’s no commitment at all. Blank

Designer: luis omar guerrero (Mexico)
Manufacturer: Arte Joyas (Mexico)
Inspired By: engagement ring
Material: silver
Colours: silver with rhodium plating
Dimension: 20 x 25 x 10 mm
Price: 80 usd


love stamping ring

love stamping ring - this is oxidized silver ring, it has "inverted" phrases in different languages, so when you stamp it on any surface the text will appear legible: uoy evol i = i love you

Designer: omar guerrero and luis berron (Mexico)
Manufacturer: Arte Joyas (Mexico)
Inspired By: love stamping
Material: oxidized
Colours: black and silver
Dimension: 5.5 x 21 mm
Price: 80.00 usd



Mexico city, Mexico


Industrial Design, 3-D Modeling, Fashion/Apparel


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we are glad to produce intelligent silver jewelry pieces


4 years designing and manufacturing silver pieces


2nd place at international jewelry design competition organized by CEDIJ and Peñoles


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