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Positive Ring

We all have our share of the blues when nothing in life seems to make sense. My experience with my moods and not so stellar situations was to determine you can beat them by thinking positive.
I created a Eraser Ring aiming for the wearer to erase the negativity. I named it "Positive Ring" because the first step towards positivity is to erase the negativity.
I made it a ring because even after you erase the word "negativity", you can still wear it as a reminder of your determination.

Designer: Yellowgoat (Hong Kong)
Manufacturer: (Hong Kong)
Inspired By: a trip to a stationary store
Material: eraser
Colours: blue, green, yellow, red
Dimension: about 3.4cm x 2.5


Good Time Ring by Yellowgoat

This ring act as a small photo frame you can wear on your fingers, or just simply use it as a photo frame and put it on your desk to show off your photos. This design is to create a platform for ring owners to be creative themselves and come up with different photos, graphic or even different materials (say fabric) that fit into the ring, so each ring owner can have a unique ring that's really their own, and they can change it anytime they want with something new.

Designer: Yellowgoat (Hong Kong)
Manufacturer: Yellowgoat Handmade (Hong Kong)



Hong Kong, Hong Kong





Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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