Werner Neumann

Eindhoven, Netherlands


Birchwood Cabinet

Cabinet covered with birchbark. A product made of natural materials found in nature. The cabinet has 14 boxes and is all around covered with birchbark

Designer: Werner Neumann (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Werner Neumann (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: birchwood covered with birchbark
Colours: with/brown/black
Dimension: 2.20 x 50 x 1.50 m
Price: 20.000


Birchwood Armchair

Birchwood Armchair. Wooden frame covered with birchbark, finished with epoxy. Upholstered with darb brown leather.

Designer: Werner Neumann (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Werner Neumann (Netherlands)
Inspired By: nature
Material: wood, birchbark, leather, epoxy
Price: 2400,--


yellow flower sofa

Perfectly sitting sofa with yellow flowered coating.

Designer: Werner neumann (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Werner Neumann (Netherlands)
Colours: yellow, also available in red,blue, green and pink
Dimension: 2.00 x 75 x 75
Price: 4.500,--


Red Flower Sofa

Perfectly sitting sofa with red flowered coating. Also available in other colors.

Designer: Werner Neumann (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Werner Neumann (Netherlands)
Colours: red
Dimension: 1.75 x 75 x 75
Price: 4.500,--



furniture designer


Eindhoven, Netherlands


Interior Design




Werner Neumann, born in 1966 in Eindhoven, started as a furniture designer in 2007. His strength lies in having knowledge of structures and materials and how to use this. Werner Neumann has an eye for detail and the entire process of developing a product is from beginning to end in his own hands.Werner got his inspiration from nature.Werner sees the symmetry in nature and that he uses in his designs. Also he works with natural materials he finds in nature.


Dutch Design Week 2008 Eindhoven
Salone Del Mobile 2008 Milan
Dutch Design Week 2010 Eindhoven
Salone Del Mobile 2010 Milan



Gagelstraat 88, 5616 RP Eindhoven

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