Buenos Aires, Argentina



Our most faithful friend and companion whose only want in life is to love us unconditionally. Our dog’s love sweetens our lives and helps us all be better persons.
Your Dog helps organize the desk-top by holding pencils in his legs, note paper on his back, a cell phone in his tummy and messages in his mouth. For table-top use he can hold silverware, condiments and napkins, and anything else that you and your Dog may discover together.

Designer: Matias Fernandez Moores (Argentina)
Manufacturer: Vacavaliente (Argentina)
Inspired By: Complex and rich relations human have with their pets
Material: Recycled leather
Colours: red,blue,yellow,green,black and orange
Dimension: H 22cm, L 23cm, W 16 cm
Price: 31.40



Recycled leather design products

Designer: Pedro Reissig (Argentina)


Amigos - Kangaroo

Graceful as only she can be, this mother takes big steps but never takes her eyes off her little ones. She always carries them in her pouch, keeping them warm and safe. She is a super-mom, nurturing her children all the time. Your Kangaroo is a fine message center, holding papers and pencils or cell phone in her tummy and messages in her mouth. As a table-top helper she perfectly carries napkins, silverware and condiments, as well as any other function you and your Kangaroo discover together.

Designer: Vacavaliente Design Team (Argentina)
Manufacturer: Vacavaliente (Argentina)



Buenos Aires, Argentina





Buenos Aires

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