Tony Owen Partners

Sydney, Australia


Breeze Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba is a resort town on the southern coast of Queensland.The Breeze Apartments are located on the main beachfront promenade. It contains 33 apartments with Oceanfront views.The unique curvilinear design was inspired by the natural forms of the tidal estuaries nearby. The large balconies alternate between levels creating a rhythm on the façade. The façade is the result of a melding of concrete forms and perforated mesh panels. This creates a fluid effect.

Designer: Tony Owen Partners (Australia)
Inspired By: Ocean Waves
Material: Concrete


The Castlereagh, Sydney

The Castlereagh by Tony Owen Partners is a 16 storey apartment building located in the bustling heart of Sydney’s CBD. It contains 55 luxury apartments, retail and office space.
The 5 level podium is predominantly precast concrete. This was chosen as it is consistent with a number of the surrounding buildings which have a solid expression predominantly in concrete. The podium takes the form of angled widow boxes.

Designer: Tony Owen Partners (Australia)
Manufacturer: (Australia)
Inspired By: Mosiacs


Tony Owen loses focus in Parramatta

Tony Owen Partners have completed the Focus Apartments in Parramatta, Sydney. The 15 storey tower by Merhis is Sydney’s largest steel framed apartment building and contains 120 units in 2 towers. The steel structure also uses lightweight Hebel floors and walls. This prototype building explores different techniques to achieve a high quality design at a lower price point. The use of steel resulted in a lower cost and faster construction.

Designer: Tony Owen Partners (Australia)


The Melbourne, Southbank, Brisbane

The Melbourne is a 20 storey residential tower located on Brisbane’s Southbank. We have envisioned a world class retail destination for Melbourne Street. To achieve this we have connected the retail site with bars and cafes along Fish Lane by implementing a paved shared zone for pedestrian activity. This will activate the lane-way into a vibrant dining precinct as seen in in Melbourne. Furthermore it will act as a catalyst for more of this type of development for the area.

Designer: Tony Owen Partners (Australia)


Longbeach Apartments, Sydney by Tony Owen Partners

The Longbeach Apartments are located in the centre of Brighton Le Sands in Sydney; a busy cosmopolitan, beachside suburb near the airport. The area has a busy street life filled with cafes and restaurants. The site enjoys panoramic views of the beach which is why the Longbeach Apartments contain 50 residential units with extensive balconies and a ground floor restaurant to enhances the existing cosmopolitan streetscape.

Designer: Tony Owen Partners (Australia)


Fractal Cafe

Tony Owen Ptnrs has completed the Fractal Café in the Boston University Student Housing building in Sydney. The ceiling geometry is derived from the fractal canyons which are the main environmental element in the building. These canyons maximize solar access, natural ventilation and privacy for the students. The ceiling geometry came from a photograph of the completed canyon windows and was interpreted here using orange plexi-glass. This photo was also used as a super-graphic on the café wall

Designer: Tony Owen, Esan Rahmini, Kathryn Hynand (Australia)
Inspired By: Canyons
Material: Plexi-glass
Colours: orange


Darling Island

Tony Owen Partners have transformed the Darling Island Apartments public areas. This is one of Sydney’s most prestigious developments with spectacular city views and absolute water frontage. However, the lobbies were not up to the standard of the rest of the development.We designed special 5m long fractal light sculptures as the feature for each lobby - a sort of a 21st century jelly.We used laser cut screens to mark the entries by local artists and based on the maritime artifacts found on site

Designer: Tony Owen Partners (Australia)
Manufacturer: Yellow Goat (Australia)
Inspired By: Jelly Fish
Material: Plexiglass
Colours: white
Dimension: 6m x 2m


Boston University Student Housing

The new student quarters for Boston University by Tony Owen Partners and Silvester Fuller Architects at 15-25 Regent Street, Chippendale is a unique design using fissures to provide maximum solar access to bedrooms as well as natural ventilation throughout the building. The eight-level, environmentally-efficient building can accommodate up to 164 students in a style to which scholars are not usually accustomed. It also has three lecture halls, a library, an Internet lounge, a rooftop terrace

Designer: Tony Owen Partners and Silvester Fuller (Australia)
Manufacturer: Ceerose (Australia)
Inspired By: Sustainable Priinciples
Material: Masonry,concrete


The Eliza by Tony owen Partners

The Eliza luxury apartments by Tony Owen Partners has just been approved in Sydney and is commencing construction.The Eliza is located on Elizabeth Street in Sydney’s CBD.With only19 apartments,this exclusive17 storey development will create a new standard in luxury and contemporary design for Australia. The units have a unique parametrically designed façade.It responds to the changing solar,view and planning conditions on each level such that the façade on every level is different.

Designer: Tony Owen Partners (Australia)
Inspired By: inspiration we looked to the classics of 20th century classicdesign tocreate a worldclass building


United Cargo Headquarters

Construction has commenced on the new headquarters for United Cargo by Tony Owen Partners. It is made from a tesselation pattern of pre-cut composite aluminium panels inspired by fractal geometry to express the dynamism of this transport company. We use this smaller project as a workshop to develop the CAD-CAM process for larger projects. This technology involves working with fabricators to export computer files directly to the routing cutter to cut the panels to the fine tollerances required

Designer: Tony Owen Partners (Australia)
Inspired By: Fractal Geometry and movement
Material: Aluminiium Composite Panels
Colours: Silver, Charcoal


Moebius House, Sydney

This family house faces onto views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Micro design utilises parametric modelling software which can respond to very small changes to design input criteria. We started by responding to the site with a series of movements which folded and twisted the space in order to maximise the changes of level, sun, and views. We created a dynamic model and allowed the models to run in real time. We then stopped when we felt we had a model which satisfied our concerns

Designer: Tony Owen Partners (Australia)
Manufacturer: Claddah Constructions (Australia)
Inspired By: Sydney Harbour
Material: Composite Aluminium Panels


Bill's House

Tony Owen Partners has just completed Bill’s House in Sydney. The design was influenced by the materials and forms of Mediterranean Architecture. The curved sail-like white shell forms reflect the fishing boats from the Greek Islands. These walls soften the massing and bring lightness, they progressively dematerialize the house into a series of cantilevered vertical and horizontal planes to the rear. The large central staircase concept came from the James Bond movie ‘Never Say Never Again’.

Designer: Tony Owen (Australia)
Inspired By: Mediteranean Sailboats
Material: Concrete


New headquarter for Harley Davidson Australia

TONDM Architects have designed the new headquarters Harley Davidson, Australian. The building was designed to reflect the uniqueness of Harley Davidson. This is not simply a brand, for many it is an entire lifestyle and attitude. We could relate to this image, it is at once about good design, but also about freedom and challenging the norm. We decided to really go for it and design a building that expressed this freedom and speed.

For design inspiration we looked to the bikes themselves; their emotion and efficiency. The geometry of the engines and frames can be seen in the lines of the building. The building does not copy them, however, it suggests this movement and style.

The brief for the building is a reflection of the Harley Davidson culture, giving as much emphasis to the gymnasium and break-out areas as the office and storage space. We designed the building to reflect this; with the location of all of the recreational and break-out areas near the entry. You enter into a central mezzanine. From there you can see all of the areas that reflect the Harley lifestyle. You can also look down into the technical and training areas. You are immediately aware of what Harley Davidson is all about.

The facility will contain administrative offices, technical training and storage facilities for the iconic motorcycle company. The landmark building will form the striking centrepiece for a new high-tech business park on the Lane Cove River.

Architects: Tony Owen NDM Made in Australia




Sydney, Australia




Design Philosophy

Tony Owen Partners believes that there is a place for an architecture that is exciting and unique, but that is based on sound commercial principles and realises our clients’ needs; an architecture which is driven by contemporary ideas and which is combined with a proactive and inclusive approach to consultation with authorities. Tony Owen Partners believe in a ‘realisable architecture’ that challenges the norm.




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