Timothy Schreiber & Sean Hanna

London, United Kingdom


Yori stools

Yori stools are a series of colourful plywood stools designed by Timothy Schreiber. The design is an homage to Sori Yanagi's iconic butterfly stool from 1956.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)


Twist Side Table

Twist side table is a new plywood table by Timothy Schreiber to be launched during Milan's furniture fair in 2 weeks.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber
Material: Plywood
Colours: natural/black


black ice tables

black ice tables are a set of 2 nesting tables made from richlite material.

Designer: timothy schreiber
Inspired By: ice nature
Material: richlite


Carbon Fibre Chair

Award-winning London based designer Timothy Schreiber is pleased to announce the launch of a carbon fibre version of his Plooop Chair at 100% Design London, 22-25 September 2011.
With an eye for fusing state of the art technology with hyper contemporary design Timothy has teamed with Fi-tech Ltd, the UK’s leading aerospace and motorsports carbon fibre manufacturers, to produce an ultra sleek version of his Plooop Chair.

Designer: timothy schreiber


Trace Table by Timothy Schreiber

Trace table is made from a series of 12 slightly different bent metal tubes which are attached around a central spine and form a tree like table base. Round clear and back painted glass tops in matching colours and varying sizes complete the design. When disassembled the individual parts can be nearly flat packed which allows for maximum transport convenience of this playful sculptural piece.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)


Milan Design Week preview e-lastic table

London based designer Timothy Schreiber will present his new e-lastic table next week during Milan's salone del mobile.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: natural patterns
Material: plastic
Colours: white, black, red


Plooop Chair

London based designer Timothy Schreiber is pleased to announce the launch of the Plooop Chair at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 8-12 February 2011. Succeeding the sleek Plooop Armchair which debuted last year at London’s 100% Design Fair, the Plooop Chair features the unique triple plywood loop formation Schreiber deftly crafts in this series.

Designer: timothy schreiber (United Kingdom)


Universe table lamp

Universe table lamp is a homage to Josef Alber’s saturn lamp from 1926. It’s made from one piece of laser cut flat metal which is folded and bent into it’s final shape. A dimmable illuminant allows for a wide range of different lighting atmospheres.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber


Plooop armchair

Plooop archair is a new plywood chair inspired by the layering of plywood. All elements of this design emerge from 4 individual loops of ply.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: plywood


Pagoda Lamp

Pagoda is a table lamp made from a single loop of plywood which forms the legs and the shade at the same time.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber
Inspired By: asian pagodas


Tri stools

Tri stools are a set of minimalistic stackable stools made from plywood.Each piece is made from 3 identical parts which when combined form a triangular stool.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)


toki doki table lamp

a simplistic table lamp made from aluminium and an OLED luminaire strip.

Designer: timothy schreiber (United Kingdom)



Plastic cantilevering chair

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)


flow side table by timothy schreiber

London based designer Timothy Schreiber will present three of his latest designs during the upcoming salone del mobile 2010 in Milan next week.

The items will be shown at the verydesignersblock show in Milan between the 14th and 19th of April 2010 in Revel Scalo d’Isola,Via Thaon De Revel,3 20159 Milano (Zona Isola).

Designer: Timothy Schreiber
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)
Material: polished aluminium


toki-doki table

toki-doki table is a small and simple side table made from 2 parts. The table top includes the leg and is made from one piece of aluminium, whereas the base/foot consists of steel to provide the necessary weight for stability. Inspired by the 10 principles of good design by Dieter Rams, Japanese Zen theory and the need for cost effective but well thought-out solutions during the current economical renewal.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)
Material: aluminium, steel,
Colours: white, black, silver



C-Screen is a modular aluminium screen system consisting of 2 different parts, wich will allow the screen to be assembled in an endless variety of different sizes and shapes.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)


S-08 BENCH by Timothy Schreiber

S-08 bench is an additive bench/stool system made from coloured acrylic. The design allows for a plenitude of different shapes, lengths and colour schemes.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber


F-Low Side Table by Timothy Schreiber

F-LOW SIDE TABLE is a low side/coffe table make from polished aluminium. The outlines of the developed shape arelaser cut and the table is then punch drawn into it’s final form.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)


JO-8 nesting tables transparent

JO-8 transparent nesting tables are the colour acrylic version of the previously introduced aluminium side table system

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)


JO-8 nesting tables

JO-8 nesting tables are a homage to Josf Albers nesting tables, designed at the Bauhaus in 1927.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)


X LOUNGER by Timothy Schreiber

originally designed as a proposed outdoor lounge chair for Toyo Ito's Serpentine Pavillion, the geometry of Timothy Schreiber's X_LOUNGER is based on a single ray, traced along a periodic double curved surface.

However, with the start of the Beijing Olympics and the media focus on the games' main stadium, it will most likely be nicknamed "the bird's nest chair" shortly.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)


Zero G Table

ZERO G TABLE is made from carbon nano tubes, a technology originally developed for tennis racquets. Carbon nanotubes are 10 times stiffer than conventional graphite and are extremely durable. They also weigh just a fraction of conventional materials. The sopisticated mechanism at the legs, allows them to be dismantled without any tools yet the table appears to be formed from one continuous piece of stretched material.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber (United Kingdom)


Universal table generator

Universal table generator is based on self-similar, modular geometry and organic growth algorithms. The user can easily generate highly complex table structures simply by specifying functional constraints such as overall desired shape. The program generates a structure from a family of varied modular branches that are economically fabricated by conventional methods, yet combine to allow an endless variety of permutations within the given constraints.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber/Sean Hanna (United Kingdom)


Morphogenesis Lounge Chair

The design process of Morphogenesis Lounge Chair started with an intensive research process of natural structural systems and micro structures. The gained un­derstanding was translated into the realm of furniture design while constantly shifting various parameters keeping basic requirements like comfort, size and usability in mind. This process was fully digitalized and computer aided up to the level of structural test­ing, dimensioning and optimization of the individual elements.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber Made in UK / Germany



Arctic glasses by Timothy Schreiber

Inspired by natural formations of ice and snow, this series of glasses aims to translate the natural beauty of those elements into persistent household objects. There are 2 different versions. "Ice" is made from clear glass, whereas the "Frost" series use sandblasted glass as the only material.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber
Manufacturer: Made in UK


E VOLVE TABLE by Timothy Schreiber

design was inspired by natural fluid patterns and naturally grown shapes. This approach was translated into an initial digital model, which was subsequently optimized using digital structural and artificial intelligence algorithms. Special attention was paid to the organic, bone-like connections at the branches, where the complete ensemble splits up into it’s subparts, which make the table demountable for transport convenience.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber
Manufacturer: Made in London,Uk


mY_chair by Timothy Schreiber

mY_CHAIR is a lightweight aluminium folding chair in various different colours. It is a hybrid construction of anodized aluminium finish, white glossy polycarbonate and an aluminium foam structure internally. This cutting-edge internal build up and the newly developed hinges provide the required stability for this design with 4 unjointed legs.




Based on an analogy with the highly efficient cellular structure of living wood or bone, this micro structure is comprised of a fine lattice that minimises weight while maximising strength. The design method, a result of recent research at University College London, combines principles of evolution and artificial intelligence to create a material that responds to its environment by growing denser in the areas required to best withstand the external forces applied when the object is in use. The composition of the cells is the result of a genetic algorithm, a computational process directly modeled on evolution in nature that creates a modular space frame structure of tiny interconnected struts, specifically suited to the material and fabrication process.

A prototype of this structure which is integrated in the design of Timothy Schreiber's Pan_07 chair will be on display during the designmai 2007 in Berlin. (12-20.05.07).





A_LOUNGER is an airport lounge chair made from recycled, disused airplane aluminium. 3 shapes (straight, convex and concave) and different hues of the upholstery can be combined into numerous linear, curved and circular forms. The life cycle of the airplane aluminium, which generally can't be reused for new planes, closes. It is re-implemented into air traffic on ground level inside the terminal.

Designer: Timothy Schreiber Made in: London, UK



A Chair by Timothy Schreiber

"A Chair" Timothy Schreiber is manufactured from a flat sheet of aluminium. The unfolded outlines are lasercut to shape and machine bent into the final form. Two cushions are seamlessly integrated into to the overall form of this lightweight chair.



PAN 07 Chair

Digitally designed and manufactured this lightweight carbon fiber chair is a materialization of contemporary fluid phenomenons at the beginning of the digital revolution.




London, United Kingdom





United Kingdom

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