Barcelona, Spain


IVY - growing climbing plants

Ivy is a modular structure that functions as a support for growing climbing plants, as the plant is growing more modules can be placed. The plant is interlacing with the structure creating a combination between the artificial and the natural, creating small “green walls“ in combining the patterns

Designer: Helbert suarez & Remi Melander (Spain)
Manufacturer: SYSTEM DESIGN STUDIO (Spain)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: plastic
Colours: white



Molecule is a modular wood lamp, composed by 35 pieces in three different sizes, and a main piece that works as support for the bulb. The pentagonal pieces can be joined together and this way creating diverse structures. Several forms and types of lamps can be created, from a desk lamp to a ceiling lamp. The lamp develops the creativity and imagination, being an interactive object that can turn into multiple forms.

Designer: Helbert Suarez / Remi Melander (Spain)
Manufacturer: System Design Studio (Spain)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: Wood
Colours: Natural wood
Price: 80 euro



It is a modular interior partition panel, which in turn works as a vertical garden Silhouettes of birch logs creates the sensation of seeing through a northern forest, where plants that sprout inside climbs the branches of the birches These panels consists of two hinged panels Of plywood, flexing and exploiting the properties of the flexibility of the plywood

Designer: Helbert Suarez & Remi Melander (Spain)
Manufacturer: System Design Studio (Spain)
Inspired By: birch wood
Material: wood
Colours: by request
Dimension: 170cm x95cm x 35cm



This desktop organizer inspired by the topography, creates a cork landscape, with a mountain to plant your thumbtacks, a lake for your clips to swim, and a volcano where your pencils erupt

Designer: Helbert Suarez & Remi Melander (Spain)
Manufacturer: SYSTEM DESIGN STUDIO (Spain)
Inspired By: topography
Material: cork
Colours: Natural
Dimension: 21.5cmx24cmx5cm
Price: 60


ceiba lamp

This leafy tropical tree gives the name to this lamp, that resembles the structure of its big branches and the way like they project the shadows through them. Its form is generated from two flat surfaces which are extended by internal supports.

Designer: Helbert Suarez & Remi Melander (Spain)
Manufacturer: System Design Studio (Spain)
Material: Wood
Colours: Natural, White
Dimension: 90cm x 20cm
Price: 380


Cell Cloud

Modular divisional wall, suspended in the air, creating a 3 dimensional structure

Designer: Helbert Suarez & Remi Melander (Spain)
Manufacturer: System Design Studio (Spain)
Material: polypropylene
Colours: blue hues
Price: by request


prixma stool

The prismatic common forms in the nature inspire the form of this stool.
Its structure based on a dodecahedron gives it great stability and resistance.

Designer: System Design Studio (Spain)
Manufacturer: System Design Studio (Spain)
Material: Stool in three-layer corrugated cardboard, with lacquered wood base
Dimension: 52 cm X 50 cm
Price: 140 euros



The microscopic structures of the pollen have inspired the form of this ambient light lamp. It is shaped by 33 assembled silicone pieces. From each of these shapes a light illuminates, creating a luminous organic flexible object to the tact.

Designer: Helbert Suarez & Remi Melander
Manufacturer: System Design Studio (Spain)
Material: silicone
Colours: WHITE
Dimension: 25cm x 32cm
Price: by request


Desert Mat

Mat with grooves patterns based on the dry desert floor. These grooves collect liquids that are spilled on this. And thanks to its modular system it is possible to join several to create a larger surface area.

Designer: Helbert Suarez & Remi Melander (Spain)
Manufacturer: SystemDesignStudio (Spain)
Inspired By: dry desert floor
Material: Ply wood
Colours: Natural Wood
Dimension: 42cm x54cm
Price: 20 EURO



No one really knows who made the first hanger and what it may have looked like. Some historians believe the first wooden coat hanger was invented by Thomas Jefferson. Since then they have produced wooden coat hangers. The Split Hanger reuses this concept making it funcional with a basic mechanism that permits you to fold the hanger for easy and rapid Introduction and removing into stretched collars, and to open the hanger to introduce rope on the lower hanger part.

Designer: Helbert Suarez & Remi Melander
Manufacturer: System Design Studio (Spain)
Material: Plywood
Dimension: 24cm x 42cm
Price: 10 euro



This wax candle not only reproduces the form of the classic light bulb, which can be screwed into a standard socket, But also thanks to the adaptation that has been done incorporating a superior cavity where there is a holder to put a Tealight . When it ignites it creates the light effect like a low consumption light bulb
This way the wax of the only tealight is consumed and can be replaced, preserving the external form of the candle for a longer time

Manufacturer: SYSTEM DESIGN STUDIO (Spain)
Material: wax and plastic base
Colours: withe
Dimension: WIDTE 8,5 cm x HEIGHT 15,5 cm
Price: KIT: light bulb wax candle, socket and 6 tealights= 20 Euros


ilamp last version by SystemDesignStudio

The ilamp is made of white silicon with a electroluminescent polymer screen. Both the lamp and the screen is flexible which makes it possible to shape and take any given form. By combining new technology we have been able to design this super slim flexible lamp. This lamp gives one an tactil feel different from other lamps.

Designer: Helbert S. Ferreira, Remi A. Melander (Spain)
Manufacturer: SystemDesignStudio (Spain)



Bowl made of recycled HDPE (High-density polyethylene) bottles, and produced by a manual molding system which consists of controlled heating, taking advantage of the thermal properties of the material. In the production process the strips of the material are prepared on the mold, forming a framework which melts when heated and creating this singular form.

Designer: Helbert Suarez (Spain)
Manufacturer: SystemDesignStudio (Spain)


ilamp by SystemDesignStudio

This lamp this composed by a single flexible silicone surface that contains contracted seven screens of leds. The whole body of the lamp can flex to give the position and direction that we want. An experience to the tact and the flexible movemente

Designer: Remi Melander (Norway)
Manufacturer: SystemDesignStudio (Spain)


Clip Lamp

This lamp is made with metal clamps of various sizes, commonly used to hold papers. Each clip is pressed against each other, creating an interesting metallic structure that sifts the light. The chromed finish also shimmers from and reflects the light.

Designer: Helbert Suarez (Spain)
Manufacturer: SystemDesignStudio (Spain)



Barcelona, Spain


Architecture, Industrial Design, Exhibition Design








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