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Prague, Czech Republic


MILK vases

Oversized milk bottles as vases. Clear or Uranium glass.

Designer: Jakub Berdych (Czech Republic)
Manufacturer: Qubus Design studio (Czech Republic)
Inspired By: bottles milk was distributed in
Material: blown glass, uranium
Colours: uranium
Dimension: 38 cm high
Price: 168 - 240EUR


Collection of vases

Bucket vase collection is an tribute tot he ordinary, simple yet nice shape of the bucket. it's shape did not change for last 40 years or so. The designer Jakub Berdych likes the contradiction of ordinary object combined with perfect graftsmenship, to become a new art object - Bucket vase.

Designer: Jakub Berdych (Czech Republic)
Manufacturer: Qubus Design studio (Czech Republic)
Inspired By: flower shops, ordinary, simple yet great bucket shape
Material: blown glass, plastic bucket
Colours: clear or coloured glass, multicolour buckets
Dimension: 45cm high
Price: 200 - 260 EUR



Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky for QUBUS design (2008)

Designer: Jakub Berdych, Maxim Velcovsky (Czech Republic)
Manufacturer: QUBUS design (Czech Republic)


Eu Palett Table by Jakub Berdych

Jakub Berdych for QUBUS design

Designer: Jakub Berdych (Czech Republic)
Manufacturer: QUBUS design (Czech Republic)



by Maxim Velcovsky for QUBUS design (2005)

Designer: Maxim Velcovsky


Ornament & Crime

One of the main line of Maxim Velcovsky work is a loss of unicity. He achieves it in a way of working with a principle intellectual game and in Kundera's s sense of the word also with a transformation of sense. Maxim chooses familiar articles, generally perceptioned with an accent of banality or by contrast an oportunity and its aesthetic quality underlines up to pop-art style. As one of few young designers he uses ornament and openly reacts to social-political stimuli. Ornament is used by a traditional way, but it would not be Velcovsky to advance a change of context elswhere than is common. It documents also his work with salmon name Ornament and Crime /2001/, in where he is getting back to socialistic history. Velcovsky in harmony with an oficial contemporary production made busts of V.I. Lenin and the firs Czechoslovakian "working class" president Klement Gotwald. Their faces were covered by an onion pattern, which was a favourite decoration of the middle class dinner set.

Designer: Maxim Velčovský


Euro Vase by Hana Vitkova

traditional shape + traditional decorative pattern in nontraditional conception. Beer bottle painted by folklor enamel painting raises from usual recycled glass to a luxurious vase, decorative piece. That´s why a container glass gets an exclusive estetical proportion and also a brand new function. The beer bottle and the enamel painting - both became traditional "decoration" in most of czech families, they are integral parts of our culture and also an export article.Heart of many euroturist will rejoice at unique catch, which combines typical attributes of czech national feeling.

Designer: Hana Vitkova Made in Czech republic




Prague, Czech Republic


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