The eyebrows are represented by the Studio PAULBAUT logo. The smirk is represented by the hour indices, 3 to 9.

Designer: Paul Kweton (Austria)
Manufacturer: Studio PAULBAUT (United States)
Inspired By: Smirk Dial
Material: Premium Veneer MDF | Acrylic
Colours: varies
Dimension: varies
Price: varies, on request


Airplane Window Bracelet

The design of the airplane window bracelet is inspired by the shape of an airplane window. The airplane window bracelet commemorates the iconic airplane window, hopefully reminding us of great past and future vacation times.
Material: 3D printed polished bronze with orange rubber strap.

Designer: Paul Kweton (United States)
Manufacturer: Studio PAULBAUT (United States)
Inspired By: Airplane Window
Material: 3D printed bronze
Colours: bronze / orange
Price: $145 (US)


Airplane Window Watch

The watch bezel and case design is inspired by the shape of airplane windows. The airplane window is an iconic part of traveling, memories and photographs taken during flights. The AIRPLANE WINDOW WATCH transforms this iconic shape into a wrist watch design.
The final watch case design and components evolved through digital fabrication methods inlcuding CNC milling and 3D printing. Patend Pending.

Designer: Paul Kweton
Inspired By: Airplane Windows
Material: CNC milled ABS, 3D printed ABS, 3D printed Watershed XS
Colours: White/Black
Dimension: 45 x 31 x 13mm
Price: Per request


H-Town Competition Outdoor Pool for Memorial Park, Houston, Texas, USA

This study explores the idea of implementing an outdoor competition swimming pool at Memorial Park, located in the heart of Houston, TX. The pool offers a 50m competition pool flanked on both sides with 100m training pools.
This facility aims to be a training and competition facility for both recreational swimmers and triathletes.
A pavilion with coffee shop, changing rooms and lockers is part of this proposed development.

Designer: Paul Kweton
Inspired By: H


Erstarrt - 3D printed watch by Paul Kweton

Erstarrt - the german word for "sclerotic", "solidified", "frozen", is the title of the limited edition 3D printed wrist watch designed by Paul Kweton. The watch case design represents a fraction / section of a morphing process between two dissimilar geometric shapes. The initial shape of both geomtries is randomly generated, the selected fraction / moment in time is controlled an chosen sensibly.

Designer: Paul Kweton
Material: 3D Printed Polished ABS
Colours: White / Yellow
Dimension: Width:40mm; Length: 82mm; Height: 24mm
Price: Per request









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