Oscar Diaz

LONDON, United Kingdom


Pen Pal

Pen Pal keeps everything accessible and avoids you having to turn upside down your pen pot to find a clip.

Designer: Oscar Diaz (Spain)
Manufacturer: Doiy (Spain)
Inspired By: Everyday life
Material: Silicone
Colours: Orange, white and black
Dimension: 31 x 96 diam. mm



” Found” is a super light, metal-coated cutlery set, which has been designed by editing plastic bottles from the local supermarket.

Designer: Oscar Diaz (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: packaging
Material: Metal coated plastic


RGB vases by Oscar Diaz

Set of vases made specifically for Veuve Clicquot , and commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London as part of their annual fundraising gala. Veuve Clicquot yellow-orange identity color is separated into its constituent red, green and blue using the RGB colour values. With those values, three different hand- blown vases were made in colored glass, proportionally to the values of RGB color intensity. When nested, the three vases colors mix again with the light passing through and Veuve Clicquot yellow-orange color reappears.

The colors mix visually, but not physically, creating a very subtile but vibrant perception of it. The RGB vases combine the excellence of a process refined through more than two thousand years, with references to the contemporary culture, were screens are extremely common, and its colors, based on the RGB color system.

Designer: Oscar Diaz Made in Spain




LONDON, United Kingdom





United Kingdom

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