Oliver Schick

Offenbach a. Main, Germany


Self Reflecting Lamp by Oliver Schick

Currently, we can see a trend of interpreting design as an act of art causing a thematic and contentual discussion than fulfilling the practical role of consumer articles. Self_Reflecting_Lamp is a ready-made object that critically opposes these different views. Two table lamps, the shades of which are grown together like Siam twins, illuminate themselves without producing really useful light. The object in its integrity, however, forces the user to reflect about the things that surround him.

Designer: Oliver Schick (Germany)


Walker by Oliver Schick

walker – reinterprets the rocking chair: Wooden legs fanned out in different lengths replace the traditional runners. When conjoining the end points of the legs with an imaginary line the curve which enables the chair to rock is clear.
It turns into a sculpture-like object exiting an image of dynamic. When rocking the chair it seems as if walker becomes an animated being in motion.

Designer: Oliver Schick (Germany)



illupillow - A dazzling piece of furniture for relaxation with an integrated LED reading lamp. The soft, round, 100 cm diameter foam core is a blend of pillow, upholstery and mattress. The 1 watt lamp is a LUXEON LED with a 1.5 volt rechargeable battery, guaranteeing approx. 10 hours of lighting. The lamp is placed in the flexible cushioned tube allowing you to direct the light to any desired direction. Sit, kneel, lie and read on illupillow anywhere you like.

Designer: Oliver Schick (Germany)


Woodworks Table

woodworks table – with a base frame of solid oak wood.
A modern, simple shape cutting down optics and statics to the essential, so animating the idea of one single piece of wood. The table top is a beautifully toned glass pane.
A wood grain engraving in the glass core creates the sophisticated impression of transparent wood - a stunning and tantalizing contrast between nature, art and artificiality.

Designer: Oliver Schick (Germany)



Offenbach a. Main, Germany


Industrial Design, Interior Design





Offenbach a. Main

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