Ola Giertz

Helsingborg, Sweden


The NeverEnding Table by Ola Giertz

The NeverEnding Table is a furniture with inspiration from geometrical objects and shapes. The rounded form stands for limitlessness that has no beginning and no end. The circular table top reflects in the foot that meets the floor, and the graphic,
round form gives the impression of balance and transparency.

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Inspired By: Geometry
Material: Wood



The O-table is about a small and flexible table with inspiration from antique brass candlesticks with handles. These candlesticks we usually move by inserting our finger into the eye that allows us to smoothly move the candle. This is the idea of a sideboard based on the same concept, a sideboard with a handle that creates a removable and changeable furniture.

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Ola Giertz Designstudio (Sweden)
Inspired By: Candlesticks
Material: Wood



Frame is a easychair that works like a three-dimensional picture in different rooms and environments, and frames the person who sit in it. At the same time it has a high degree of spatiality because of the walls and the ceiling,

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Materia (Sweden)



ClampLamp is a lamp that is designed by Ola Giertz for Swedish lighting brand Oriva. As the name suggests, the lamp has the form of a clamp and can easily be placed on different interior and furnishings.

On the table, in the bookshelf or in the windowsill. Place the Clamp Lamp wherever you desire, depending on occasion and mood. The gap enables the lamp to be placed on different places in the room, and can be used as a windowlamp, a tablelamp or whatever you want.

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Oriva (Sweden)


Cogwheel Hook

The functioning in this hook works in the same way as a cogwheel, creating a flexible and variable hook that can look different depending on which wall it hangs on.
You can put several hooks together to create a larger hook and various patterns, and combine different colors to create an eye-catching decorative detail on your wall. The graphic and minimalistic touch is important to shape a simple and recognizable product.

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Essem Design (Sweden)
Inspired By: Cogwheels
Colours: Black, white, red


Clothing House

Hang your clothes in their own little house. Instead of living in a dark, square wardrobe, they now can be seen in another way. They also want to feel at home.. The result is an clothes-rack that makes you think of a house, a house that you easily can move into different positions because of the four wheels.

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Essem Design (Sweden)
Inspired By: House/Cabin
Material: Steel
Colours: Red, white, black



Quarter is a planting pot designed by Ola Giertz for Swedish design brand Lappset. As its name suggests, the pot is made up of a one-quarter-form, allowing for playful combination of different shapes.

Quarter is inspired by the shape that results from removing the first piece of a pie. With this shape, Quarter can be placed in a corner, it can enfold the corner of a wall, or be placed against it.

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Lappset Sweden (Sweden)
Inspired By: Piece of cake.
Material: Moulded aluminium.



“Bordus” is a coffetable which has two sides pointing in different directions, giving the table the twisted look and the sculpture characteristics. The inspiration came from the different angles and its complexity that you can see in Stealth aircrafts, making it difficult for conventional radar to detect or track the aircrafts effectively. The table is made from solid ash that is joined together in a dovetail with walnut-pieces.

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Material: Solid ash


Thread Bench

Thread Bench is designed with playfulness and a child’s outlook on the world in mind. It has a naivistic and lighthearted style, based on asymmetry and chaos rather than precision and accuracy. Why does everything have to be so perfect and tidy looking?
The finished prototype / watch the video / is very similar to the tiny model that was sculpted in metal wire. A series of furniture based on the concept would do a great deal to liven up stiff and serious environments with their playful and childish shapes.

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Material: Metal bars


Pearl light

In a jewelrybox you expects to find something precious: a ring, a pearl, or perhaps the knowledge that someone loves you. Storing light in such a box becomes a conceptual idea that underlines the fact that light is very important to us. The brightness of the lamp is easily adjusted depending on how much you open the lid. The lamp is automatically lit when the box ix opened, and turned off when it is closed.

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Inspired By: A jewelry box



Helsingborg, Sweden






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