Milan, Italy


Runway concept store by Architect Fabio Ferrillo

Architect Fabio Ferrillo takes on a new challenge and lands in Hanoi, Vietnam, with the realization of Runway concept store. The driving idea was to create a space where the colors and shapes of the luxuriant Vietnamese vegetation could combine with the essential lines of the masters of ‘50s Italian design. The result is contemporary shop full of light, minimalist yet precious which climax is represented by a monumental staircase composed of huge stone slab as steps.

Designer: Archietct Fabio Ferrillo (Italy)
Inspired By: Masters of 50s Italian design


Architect Fabio Ferrillo renovates MSGM production site

Italian architect Fabio Ferrillo designed the renovations to the production site lobby of MSGM, one of the most exciting fashion brands of the moment which was founded by Massimo Giorgetti in 2010. The project has a precious soul that redevelops the original building's details and geometries while reinterpreting them with an entirely contemporary sensibility, incorporating glamorous and sophisticated touches.

Designer: Architect Fabio Ferrillo (Italy)
Inspired By: Okura Hotel in Tokyo and Casa del Cedro in Milan



Milan, Italy


Architecture, Fashion/Apparel, Industrial Design


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Fabio Ferrillo, architect, finalised his studies at Politecnico di Milano in 2004 and was then invited to collaborate with one of the most up-and-coming firms of the city, where he became an expert in the design of luxury homes and commercial spaces for prestigious Italian brands. In 2005 he moved to Paris in order to become more closely acquainted with the latest achievements of the great French architects and the vision of the Maison de Verre by Pierre Chareau. During his time in the ville lumiere he directed the international design team for the laboratories of the Pôle de Recherche in Laon. Paris gave Fabio Ferrillo the means to refine his distinguishing traits: cutting tailor made spaces while managing to keep costs at bay became his major strength. Fabio Ferrillo went back to Italy in 2010 to be part of a fantastic hub of creative young people united by the desire to share their passion and expertise in photography, graphic design and tailoring and established his architecture studio, OFFarch.


In collaboration with Riccardo Grassi, in his prestigious Milan showroom, Fabio Ferrillo realizes the enormous space dedicated to the sales of the MSGM brand. Here Fabio creates the first ever emotional room. An architectural and artistic space placed in between the buyers and the collections, filled with constantly changing contemporary artists installations, aimed to set people free from the outside chaos and fine tune them to the environment to start feeling the theme.

Playground, in May 2015, a dream park of brass, rides and swings arranged on a field of mirrors. In the background, night shots by Parisian photographer Stanislas Wolff. This installation introduced the audience to the Womens Resort and Mens Spring Summer collection 2016.

Soundbox, in September 2015, an imaginary sound room where external noise is eliminated by soundproofing panels that in turn hide a musical installation by the sound designer Andrea Ratti. This has been the gateway to the 2016 Spring Summer Womens collection. This integrated approach to fashion, design, art and architecture will soon be installed and presented at Le Bon Marché in Paris during the next Fashion Week, so that this emotional experience can be undertaken not only by buyers at the showroom but by all MSGM customers.



Via Amatore Sciesa, 9
20135 Milan

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