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piXLdekor keeps foods fresh for a longer time. holes in the bottom provide optimal air supply. Top and bottom of the futuristic set are of the same shape, but offer a play with shape due to their asymmetry. The rubber joint - emblematic for freshness and storage - keeps the bowls on top of each other.
The puzzle pieces individualize the series production with messages, samples or seasonal decoration. In a functional way the stickers serve as distance pieces as well as a nonslip surface.

Designer: Barbara Ott (Germany)
Manufacturer: Modell-N (Germany)
Inspired By: MINISTECK


tischDECKe and tischDECKle

The table tischDECKe consists of a classic manual wood frame construction, which is covered by a powder-coated steel plate. Decorative like a doily but resistant to stains. The blankets are available in different shapes and colors, allowing tischDECKe to take individual form.

Designer: Barbara Ott (Germany)
Manufacturer: Modell-N (Germany)
Inspired By: melting ice
Material: wood and powder-coated steel
Colours: all
Dimension: ca. 40 x 30 cm
Price: 400 Euro



Spice rack made of wenge wood (on request in oak) oiled with 5 inscribable ceramic cans.

Designer: Barbara Ott (Germany)
Manufacturer: Modell-N (Germany)
Material: wenge/oak and caramic
Colours: black/white
Dimension: 420 x 60 x 60 mm
Price: 118 Euro



A different nail art
The Board SPANNend stages the nail polish in the perfect frame and lets it turn into a work of art. Whether severly straight or in chaotic crisscross - “SPANNend” is individual and functional. Colorful rubber bands hold the bottles in place and add color and dynamics to SPANNend.

Designer: Barbara Ott and Laura Schillke
Material: MDF
Colours: black



“verSTECKlichT” consists of a socket and a plug which are covered by a wooden cap, whereby both are hidden. An eye-catching are the neon glowing acryl glass rings, which can be optionally installed.
“verSTECKlichT” besteht aus einer Fassung und einem Stecker, welche durch eine Holzhaube abgedeckt werden, wodurch beide versteckt sind. Ein Blickfang sind die neon leuchtenden Acrylglasringe, die wahlweise angebracht werden können.

Designer: Barbara Ott
Material: acryl glas, wood, fabric cable
Colours: wood, neon



“Good things take time”
The value of a partnership rises through the traces that these shapes over time.
Even “Ringlein” shows its true value only in the course of time. The initially taintless surface wears off more and more until finally “Ringlein” appears in its full glory.
Also engravings can be hidden and surface like a secret message.

Designer: Barbara Ott (Germany)
Manufacturer: Modell-N (Germany)
Material: gold/silver and special lack
Colours: nearly unlimited



Spice shelf for the enjoyment cuisine.
Clever and simple. Through the inclined holes the cans are easy to take and you have an optimal insight by the lids. The shelf will be the colour palette of spices and is a real eye-catcher. Available in horizontal and vertical design.

Designer: Barbara Ott (Germany)
Manufacturer: Modell-N, ASA Selection (Germany)
Material: Oak
Colours: wood, white
Dimension: length ca. 40 / 45 cm



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