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Resana, Italy


Volo Duet

The weightless suspended light reminiscent of flying wings is a bright fluid mantle that measures 1 meter and its fully dimmable in intensity and adjustable in height.

The shade is composed of opal acrylic that vibrantly reflects the internal light source of efficient LED making Volo Duet an impressive illumination piece when lit white it evokes a moment of silence when it is turned off.

Designer: Batmann (Italy)
Manufacturer: Micron Illuminazione (Italy)
Inspired By: flying wings
Material: Opal bended acrylic 15mm thick and metal structure
Colours: matt white painted or polished chrome finished
Dimension: width 100cmx12cm / thickness 15mm



Volo is not just a led light but an original concept. Its lines and original shape is exclusive. Volo has been designed giving special attention to its soft curves and light effects. VOLO design follows the lines of the wings of a seagull in flight, making Volo a 24W power per wing a led fixture of modern times but in the same moment evocative.

Designer: Batmann (Italy)
Manufacturer: Micron Lighitng (Italy)
Inspired By: the wings of a seagull in flight
Material: Aluminium recyclable
Colours: white, anodized nickel, special colors upon request
Dimension: 1 meter 1 wave



Swing is a suspended led fixture fascinating for its soft lines, its sharp but smoothed shape creates an alluring imaginary wave effect where ever placed either in the comfort of your home or a busy office space. The soft but powerful led light shines brightly from all angles due to the dynamic wave design. Its beauty was inspired by the magical city of Venice with its different colours seen from the water reflected in the sunrise. For many of you who like to surf the waves of life.

Designer: Andrea Lazzari (Italy)
Manufacturer: Micron Illuminazione (Italy)
Inspired By: Venice lagoon waves
Material: Matt aluminum
Colours: grey
Dimension: 100x17cm



PANDORA the sculptured light dome designed by Micron Research Center.
Micron, the Italian design lighting factory launches PANDORA the new collection of cable suspended lights with a spherical diffuser in spun aluminium characterized by a stripe embossed pattern and providing direct lighting.
The patterned relief on shade surface gives a pleasant sculptural effect that is a perfect blend of simplicity and formal purity. Optional methacrylate diffuser is available upon request.

Designer: CRM (Micron Research Center) (Italy)
Manufacturer: Micron S.r.l. (Italy)
Inspired By: Shape
Material: Aluminium
Colours: natural aluminium, matt white and anthracite grey
Dimension: from 20 up to 90 cm



MOX is a LED table lamp designed by the Italian architect Roberto Paoli.
The iconic elements of the lamp, the illuminating head, that contains six power led energy saving lights, alludes to a elongated three lobed leaf. The light has a touch dimmer: you can just touch the button to turn on the six power LED light with only 6 watts, and with a slight pressure you can adjust the light intensity.

MOX is available in four colours: polished chrome, matt nickel, white or black.

Designer: Roberto Paoli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Micron Lighting (Italy)
Inspired By: a leaf, the two rods that traditionally fix the chignon of a geisha
Material: chrome,
Colours: polished chrome, matt nickel, black, white
Dimension: 790 x 450 mm



Mama is inspired by a tropical orchid: the inner corolla made of precious glass petals is enclosed in a second wider corolla of thin veined methacrylic leaves and creates interesting light effects on the walls and in the setting.

Designer: Batmann (Italy)
Manufacturer: Micron Lighting (Italy)
Inspired By: tropical orchid
Material: glass, methacrylic
Colours: white
Dimension: 60 cm diameter



Modern ceiling light by Micron as part of the 'Panet' series. Includes a brushed nickel frame which supports the polycarbonate shades available in a range of colours including red, yellow, light blue and transparent.

Designer: Batmann (Italy)
Manufacturer: Micron Lighting (Italy)
Material: Plycarbonate, brushed nickel
Colours: red, yellow, light blue and transparent
Dimension: 23 cm x 26 cm



Mystic is an organic lamp designed by Florence architect Mauro Vegliante for the Italian light design company Micron Lighting.
Mystic wall lamp has a structure in die-cast metal, and can be finished in chrome or silver painted.

Designer: Mauro Vegliante (Italy)
Manufacturer: Micron (Italy)
Inspired By: Leonardo da Vinci, Florence hills
Material: die-cast metal
Colours: metal chrome or silver
Dimension: L 35 cm H 20 cm



Resana, Italy






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